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Bad Yelp Reviews

Don’t let this guy affect your bottom line.

The information age is upon us, and your business is defined by your online appearance in Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. Each day hundreds of thousands of dollars are lost because of malicious, false, erroneous, deceptive, and misleading search engine results that are directed toward your business.

Regardless of whether the negative listings are from an article, a blog post, a competitor, a news site, a review and rating site, or a forum, the impact is usually financially devastating.

The good news is that we can resolve your problems through our contacts, knowledge, legal expertise, experience, out-of-the-box thinking, and approach.

Our corporate Reputation Management solutions focus on REMOVING the item first, while suppressing and burying as a hedged bet. We are not afraid to contact the host, author, or publisher of the derogatory item in an attempt to remove it once and for all.

We offer complete and comprehensive packages to quickly fix your online Internet business reputation! Through multipronged techniques and relationships, including legal, social networking, and search engine optimization, we have removed thousands of pages from the Internet. We use a two-fold approach of removal tactics and creation of positive content that is fully optimized to help clean up and repair reputations. Whether your business is automotive, hospitality, medical, retail, or something else, we have a custom solution that will clean up your reputation in no time.

Improve your Google results

Before doing business with your company, your potential customers will usually research your name through search engines, such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. If they see anything negative—whether true or not—they will take their business elsewhere. Our goal is to make sure your clients and customers see only the truth about your business by eliminating and suppressing negative material from the search engines. We focus on the following:

  • False news articles
  • Blog posts
  • Exaggerated reviews and inaccurate ratings
  • Forum Bashing
  • Legal Issues
  • Competitor issues and smear campaigns

The Internet allows anyone, including your competitors, to post rumors, fake ratings, and reviews about your business. This negative material DOES serious financial damage, and the longer it’s around the more it compounds and grows. Whether you need help fixing your online search engine results, help with ratings and review sites, understanding how to use your past customers to your advantage, or a simple consultation, we are here to help.

Most businesses face reputation problems online because of false information in articles and blogs or on rate, review, and complaint sites. Click here for Article and Blog help or here for rate, review and complaint site troubles.

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