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These days, savvy consumers research hotel, airfare and travel options online, so consumer advocacy ratings and reviews can make or break your business. Ratings and reviews are simply too important to ignore as more and more people research before their purchase, especially when most review sites let anyone post anonymously with no accountability for their post. These negative and derogatory ratings and reviews hurt the bottom line and we are here to help you and your business.

The reality of public participation in traveler generated rating and review sites has dramatically altered the way customer loyalty and satisfaction must be compared at the hospitality level. It is no longer acceptable to gauge satisfaction and performance based on a closed-loop model of customer feedback alone, notably the traditional hotel comment card of the yester-year. These days, guest comments, complaints, ratings and reviews are now visible and public, as are detailed quality ratings, and failing to apply team accountability for public commentary, or failing to measure against your competitive set, are like ignoring rate positioning in a crowded marketplace.

A recent survey by Trip Advisor noted that 77% of consumers will not book a hotel unless they have read online reviews. Another source statistics put the total influence from 32% to 68%. There is one trend that is crystal clear: the amount of consumers relying on reviews is exponentially growing. With Jupiter Research confirming that consumers using these reviews consider them more important than brand or reputation the public comments housed on third party sites have become a major player in the buying decision.

The public comment card has usurped reputation and brand as the defining measurement of quality for the growing number of review readers. Consumers are still brand aware, and may rely on specific brands for personal association, but they are using reviews to see if brand reputation is reality at a particular property. If these reviews do not bear out their emotional attachment with the brand, they will stay elsewhere. In fact, Reuters (reporting on an April, 2009 study by Synovate Research) indicated 19% of all travelers globally select hotels primarily on reviews and ratings.

The bottom line is failure to monitor traveler reviews is a disadvantage that loses hotels business daily.

Bad ratings and reviews can cost your bottom line up to 10% a recent Harvard business school study stated.

We monitor your business for bad reviews, attacks on your reputation and can also prevent search engine penetration from future attacks. The most popular services we offer our hostpitality clients are:

Rating and Review management service if you have been a victim of false reviews, complaints or online attacks

Business Reputation Mitigation if you have no online attacks or prominent first page in Google, Yahoo and Bing

Online Article and Blog removal and suppression service if you have a negative and derogatory item online. Learn about suppression here.

Our hospitality division will also consult with your team to help you manage your internet reputation on review sites. We consult with our clients to encourage your visitors to take the time to review you if they are happy with your services. In most cases we have found only customers that would take the time to search for such a website are disgruntled so our online tools will help you get your current customers involved to assist your business in building a solid reputation from the ground up.

If your ready to get started please contact us today and a friendly reputation advisor will assist you with a strategy and free consultation.

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