Legal Reputation Management Solutions

legal reputation management solutions

Legal reputation management solutions

RemoveMyName recognizes and understands the reputation problems any law firm may encounter online and our Legal reputation management services will help you get your name and firm’s reputation back. Whether your firm has pre-existing derogatories from a past smear campaign or you simply want to mitigate future exposure, we can help.

Derogatory articles, blogs, ratings and reviews will damage your law firms online reputation as well as hurt your credibility which will cause you to lose potential clients. If you Google your  law firm name or partners names right now, are you be happy with what you see? If you have no derogatory items that is great news and a perfect place to start your mitigation campaign to prevent future attacks. If you found negative items, whether from a disgruntled former employee or a competitor, your online presence simply isnt reflecting the strong authority and positioning that you and your law firm strive to maintain and need to compete in the fierce legal online battlefield.  In the practice of law your reputation is everything and we understand that and are ready to assist.

Our full service ORM team knows how to get the results you and your law firm want as we actively work with legal teams from across the U.S. We actively monitor industry trends and shifts, and our innovative and experienced ORM and SEO techniques are tried and true. We pride ourselves on our ability to get most items removed completely from websites and if we cannot we will suppress the negative items by focusing on pushing them down with positive and authoritative assets that we create on your firms behalf. We also enlist your firms  positive client testimonials which will contain positive content which we use to supplement these assets. We will create full websites, blogs, social networking pages, and press releases to about you and your firm that will push down the derogatory listings and repair your online reputation.

Some of our more popular Legal Reputation Management Solutions are

Legal Reputation Mitigation if you have no online attacks or prominent first page in Google, Yahoo and Bing

Online Article and Blog removal and suppression service if you already have a negative and derogatory item online

If your ready to get started please contact us today and a friendly reputation advisor will assist you with a strategy and free consultation. You may also visit our Legal Reputations page here.

Case Study

A local law firm here in Baltimore had several negative and false reports on very popular consumer advocacy sites in addition to one of the partners being listed on the website Using a combination of suppression and removal techniques we were able to remove a couple of the false reports and also remove the cheaterville posting altogether.

We then met at the firms headquarters and created an in house review strategy that took the firms existing client testimonials and for the purpose of inserting them into the consumer advocacy sites. This in addition to a positive asset marketing campaign which creates 150 + additional web properties for the law firm therefore increasing their overall rating and review % and also preventing them from future attack penetration of the search engine homepage real estate for their target firm name and keywords.

If your ready to get started please contact us today and a friendly reputation advisor will assist you with a strategy and free consultation.