medical reputation management

Medical Reputation Management solutions

Medical Reputation Management Solutions

At, we are solid partners with our client base of physicians and dentists, fiercely protecting them and their practices from Online defamation, malicious reviews, frivolous lawsuits and other medico-legal threats.

The medical division of Remove My Name works tirelessly to provide internet security and peace of mind to thousands of doctors nationwide by protecting their most valuable professional assets- their practices and internet reputations. This division focus solely  on the healthcare industry, and our clients consistently experience a measurably significant reduction in merit-less malpractice lawsuits and reputation attacks on rating and review sites online.

Savvy consumers research medical professionals online before selecting one and we are very aware that online reviews and ratings can make or break your practice. Online Reviews are simply too important to ignore, especially when most review sites let anyone post including enemies and competitors alike.

Bad ratings and reviews can cost your bottom line up to 10% a recent Harvard business school study stated.

We monitor your business for bad reviews, attacks on your reputation and can also prevent search engine penetration from future attacks. The most popular services we offer our medical clients are:

Rating and Review management service if you have been a victim of false reviews, complaints or online attacks

Business Reputation Mitigation if you have no online attacks or prominent first page in Google, Yahoo and Bing

Online Article and Blog removal and suppression service if you have a negative and derogatory item online

Our medical division will also consult with your practice to help you manage your internet reputation on review sites. We consult with our clients to encourage your patients to take the time to review you if they are happy with your services. In most cases we have found only patients that would take the time to search for such a website are disgruntled patients so our online tools will help you get your current patients involved to assist your practice in building a solid reputation from the ground up.

If your ready to get started please contact us today and a friendly reputation advisor will assist you with a strategy and free consultation.

Case Study

A California based plastic surgeon noticed a competitor had launched an online smear attack on all the major rating and review sites online. This attack campaign was costing our client thousands a month as they noticed a significant drop in online leads and phone calls. The doctors practice suffered greatly as they were a new practice and had no solid ratings or reviews so the only impression anyone received online was a one star and a few negative reviews.

We consulted with the surgeon and his front staff and quickly got a rating and review campaign in place which helped the doctor immediately to push off the negative posts on the review sites and slowly rebuild their ratings to a more positive number. We also started a reputation management campaign so that it will be much harder for the online attacker to penetrate the google search results when a search for their company is entered.