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Political Reputation management

Political Reputation Management

A Political candidates reputation is paramount in the online political battlefield. Studies have shown that most people only view and react to the first page of search engine results and it is our job to make sure the home page for our client is flawless.

Our Reputation Management firm understands how to manage and mitigate a Political figures online internet reputation from social media strategies to assisting with key press releases at just the right time.

Negative online articles, blogs and press will affect political figures significantly more than a business. In most cases a company will often recover from negative press whereas most political candidates are often in a sink-or-swim position. All it takes in the information age is one badly timed negative item that will cause the search engine results to jump and it will swing online perception dramatically and in most cases cause a snowball effect. Our firm uses eary stage, defensive reputation management techniques that protect politicians against many forms of smear campaigns, attacks and bad pres. If a candidate has derogatory items already online, our firm has a legal team that has a very high success rate in moving the items all together. In some cases where we cannot obtain a full removal we will have to suppress and bury the items deep within the search engines.

Not only can we help make an online problem disappear but help prevent the inevitable attacks from reaching the key pages of a candidates hot spots in the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Rest assured that our team is apolitical and will work confidentially behind the scenes and will fill out all confidentially agreements and NDA forms as policy.

Some of our more popular Political Reputation Management Solutions are

Political Reputation Mitigation if you have no online attacks or prominent first page in Google, Yahoo and Bing

Online Article and Blog removal and suppression service if you already have a negative and derogatory item online

If your ready to get started please contact us today and a friendly reputation advisor will assist you with a strategy and free consultation.

Case Study

A political candidates secretary approached us about 2 pre-existing problems he currently had online that they needed us to look at and they wanted reputation mitigation consultation as well. One of his derogatories was a mugshot from many years ago and the other was a false infidelity report on a popular cheater based website.

We were able to get both negative items fully removed for our client from the source site and we then began scrubbing the internet to remove the cached copies of the mugshot and cheater site post. After 2 weeks he had a clean slate, we then began a positive campaign for the politician using his career highlights, platform information and accolades. This reinforced his already strong Google homepage presence with around 250 more positive assets therefore making it significantly harder for a smear campaign or an attacker to penetrate in the future. This is a solid 2 prong strategy that most of our political clients receive that gives them the edge in the fierce political online battlegrounds.

If your ready to get started please contact us today and a friendly reputation advisor will assist you with a strategy and free consultation.