Who are some of your clients and who have you removed?

Some of our clients include multinational companies, financial institutions, law firms, medical firms, politicians, celebrities, high net worth individuals, senior executives, sports figures and more. RemoveNames.com is a a company that is  founded on protecting the privacy of individuals and businesses, we will also never disclose the names of our clients for confidentiality purposes. If you think about it, you are looking to get a mugshot removed, negative business review, online cheater record or some other negative derogatory item. Once its removed or Suppressed you can finally breathe a breath of fresh air. The last thing you want is us giving out your name and sensitive item we removed or suppressed for someone else to put into Google to search on. That would be extremely irresponsible of us and would also in most cases negatively effect our campaign with the client. We can and never will release that information. However, If you are interested in learning about the details of how our services work, please use our reputation helper or call our offices at 866-848-2022 and one of our specialist will be more than happy to assist.

Am I stuck in a long term contract with an ongoing fee?

No and No! We have a very simple to understand Terms of Service policy and we do not lock any client into any type of long term commitment or contract and better yet 95% of our solutions are a one time fixed fee. The majority of our clients simply need a one time reputation repair or removal to clean up their online reputation.

Will RemoveNames.com Bury, Suppress or Remove my negative information?

It all depends on the website(s) your name or business has been negatively impacted on. If the source websites that contains the negative is a site that responds to our legal inquiries or arbitrator than there is a great chance that your derogatory item will be removed. We ALWAYS attempt removals first then if we cannot get a removal we will suppress and bury the negative item within the search engines making it significantly harder for friends, family and employers to find the negative items. If it is a new site or a site that we have no communications with we will contact them directly for a removal resolution. If we can REMOVE your name from a specific site you will see this message in green on the page> 'This is for a FULL Removal of your profile off the site including pictures, text and comments.' If we cannot remove after several attempts you will see this message in Red ' We currently are suppressing content from this website'

What does “suppression” or “burying” mean?

Suppression or burying a negative post, profile, blog or article is the strategy of using positive assets and properties (in most cases blogs, websites, social profiles, press releases and more) to push down the negative content within the search engines while only showing the positive assets that we have created.The suppression packages are not guaranteed as the results will vary and there is a no refund policy on this service.

What does ‘Removal” Mean

RemoveMyName focuses on Removals always as a first option. A removal is just that, a full removal of your derogatory information from the source website. If we remove a name, post, profile, blog, comment or article it will be gone for good from the website. We have established many relationships with many sites over the years which allows us full removals from websites rather than suppression which is always second best to removals.  

Can you help with Images and Photos online?

We can certainly help you if images and photos are being shown in search engines on your behalf. We can attempt to have the images taken down if you are the original owner of the image and if that is not the case we can attempt to bury the images with other images that you suggest to us to be shown. Please contact us for your specific situation so that we can tailor a campaign to fit your Image Reputation SEO needs.

Is this service tax deductible?

Removal and Suppression services from RemoveNames.com may be tax deductible as ordinary and necessary business expenses, we highly recommend you consult with your attorney and or accountant in this matter.

What are your hours of operation?

We are located in Baltimore, Maryland and our office hours are M-F 9am to 4pm EST. We do have a 24 hour phone support team to immediately answer your call. We know your situation is urgent and its very important to us to get started working with you immediately so when you call someone from our team will answer. All communications are confidential. You may call or text Jake directly (410) 487-5897 and our 24/7 phone line is toll free 1-866-848-2022. We look forward to helping you!


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