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Remove My Name Now!

The good news is we can help REMOVE these postings for you once and for all.

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DeadBeatDirectory or among others, falsely accuses you of a wrongdoing, you can challenge the post through our services. Our Reputation Management team in association with our legal team will begin the arbitration process to review the credibility of the posting to determine whether or not the posting should be removed from the website as unsubstantiated.

Websites concerned with cheating and infidelity can cause serious damage to someone’s online Internet reputation. Not only is your information on the cheater site itself, but also when someone performs a Google search on your personal name, phone number, or business, it is very likely that such information and even the website itself will appear prominently in search results for friends, family, and employers to see and read.

Doing this allows our firm to boast a 98 percent removal rate on most of the cheater-style sites currently on the web. In most cases, the original poster of the damaging content did not use a correct email address, which by default gets us the win, as they cannot prove that what they posted is true. If by some chance they do respond, which they rarely do since they don’t want accountability for the inflammatory post, 95 percent of the time the information cannot be substantiated, which will also result in full removal.

This service is for FULL and COMPLETE REMOVAL from the site, NOT suppression or burial, which is what most of our competitors offer. Our service deletes the derogatory item once and for all—both the source site and the major search engines, including Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

The time frame for this process is typically two to seven days for complete removal from the site, including images, all text, and comments.

Once we begin, we keep you fully updated through email and/or phone.

After the content is completely deleted from the site, we begin cleaning up the remnants from search engines. The result? It’s as if the online posting had never happened.

The only thing we need from you is payment and the link to the posting. Our team does the rest.

This plan includes Free Monitoring and Alerts.


We are currently processing full removals for the below sites…

(just because the site your on may not be listed doesn’t mean we cannot get a removal)