We fix negative comments & complaints while improving your reviews, ratings and brands reputation!

We help repair bad situations and prevent them from happening again!

Fixing negative reviews can take a lot of time, which can dramatically affect your business’s bottom line. Negative ratings and reviews will have a serious impact on your business and personal life. In most cases, such reviews have been left by a disgruntled employee or competitor in the industry.

Remove business from complaint site

Remove business from complaint site

Today, when people search for a product or service, they often turn to customer advocacy sites, review and rating sites, and complaint sites for help. .

A company with a higher star rating, positive visible comments, no visible complaints, and healthy reviews will usually win the sale over a competitor with lower ratings, bad comments, complaints, and reviews regardless of how good their product or service may be.

The truth is you will never be able to remove these negative ratings and review but we do have a solution that WORKS!

Phase 1 – Implement Reputation Safe Module

We make getting reviews easy with our Reputation Safe Module

We make getting reviews easy with our Reputation Safe Module

Our reputation team will work with you and your staff to create a campaign that will help drown out the negative ratings,reviews, complaints, and comments and replace them with positive information about your business. We will take your low ratings and level them out in time with accurate, positive reviews and ratings from your actual customers who might never have left a rating, comment, or review. We implement strategies for your business to encourage reviews for your company that we will use on all your consumer advocacy sites. We do all the work for you, so there is no need for additional manpower within your infrastructure.

We have created a module that will match the look and feel of your site and drive positive comments and ratings to your site. By asking your customers to review your business is the easiest way to improve your review and ratings reputation and we make it a snap with our Reputation Safe module. Our module offers built in review-request functionality that allows your customers with one click to leave a positive review about you. If they have something negative to say they are directed to a form to contact you rather than the review sites. In addition to the Reputation Safe online module we have an in store app you can use on your tablet or PC to allow in store reviews.

bad consumer reviews

We help with bad consumer comments, ratings and reviews.

Within only a few short months, we will have the derogatory comments, complaints, ratings, and reviews buried significantly lower within the review sites and search engine rankings, making it harder for anyone to find. Our positive information, ratings, and reviews will be predominantly on the first page for all to see.

Phase 2 – Leverage Social Media and Business listings

Active social media campaigns in addition to custom created business landing pages will help push down any negative items and will mitigate against future attacks and complaints.

Phase 3 – Deploy Monitoring, Alerts and Tracking

See what your consumers are saying about you online and respond pro-actively while getting alerts and mentions of you and your company in a timely manner.

We would love to talk to you about your needs, please feel free to call us now at 866-848 2022.

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