Remove CitySearch Reviews Page

remove city search reviews

Remove City Search Reviews is a business review sites that allows visitors to rate and review companies and establishments across the United States and Canada. CitySearch is a very popular and powerful site and if you have a negative review, comment or complaint its very likely that this negative item will show up very high when someone googles you or your business. This is detrimental to your business as once the potential customer sees the negative review they will most likely move on to your competitors product or service.

For many years we have been consulting and helping honest businesses remove false complaints and reviews from their reviews page. We have a custom city search package that attempts all removals of the false, negative item in question while jointly running a full suppression campaign for the business as well. This is a sure fire way to stop the negative destruction the bad reviews have caused and start rebuilding with a fresh positive campaign. We also work with city search clients to help use their clients testimonials and reviews to offset the negatives.