Google + Plus Local, Maps and Places reviews service

Google Plus Local

Google Plus Local

There is nothing more damaging to your business than a bad review in a google property such as Places, Google + Local or Maps. Google is redoing how the whole system works but the end result will be very powerful reviews about your company ranked very high in their search engines.

Google started the new system from within their Google Places for Business and reviews database (Google Places) and meshed it with their social property Google Plus. This process has up to now led to changes in:

– how the reviews are being collected and mined

– where reviews are being collected and shown

– Google Places business data structure with reviews to Google Plus

These items have not changed.

– the Local Business Center dashboard  is still under Google Places for Business

– listings arriving from Google Places are still separate from the Google plus Business Pages for the same businesses

– the factors that determine how listings are ranked in local search

While it may seem tempting to game the system by posting fake reviews yourself, this is illegal. For years we have been consulting with businesses on how best to leverage your built in customer base and ask for positive reviews to start building your rating and review base. The earlier the better as with a bad review you immediately get hit and it becomes hard to counter act it quickly without it looking suspicious. We are very familiar with the rating, review customer advocacy landscape and can tailor a strategy and campaign just for your business that will help eraticate and bury and bad reviews or help you start from scratch a positive campaign that will be hard to penetrate with negative attacks.

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