Remove links from the internet

Consumer Advocacy sites like allow submissions from anonymous individuals who know they can post items about a company ,under the cloak of anonymity, whether true or false to cause harm. Removing false posts and reports from is not  easy however has a sure-found way to reverse the damage caused by negative Internet postings on Scam Informer. We  can successfully remove your scam posts from the search engines and let you get your reputation back!

remove scam informer


If your name or company has been posted about on and you want to remove the scam informer links from the internet then you are most likely under attack by a disgruntled ex-employee, enemy or customer that is out for revenge. In most cases when you are listed on you will also be found on other complaint sites like Rip Off Report and Complaints Board which we also handle. These sites operate under the same premise that they allow anyone the freedom of speech whether its true of false, these sites are all protected under section 230 of the CDMA.

Our strategy for combating Scam Informer is to bury the negative with overwhelming positive properties that we create on you and your businesses behalf. This is a sure fire way to bury the bad while letting people know the good your company does, it also hedges against any future attacks by creating a smoke screen of positive press that will be much harder to penetrate if and when an attack happens again. Ready to get started?