Yelp is a Geo based consumer advocacy search site that fosters social networking and user reviews based on levels of service.

Yelp receives a ton of traffic, near 74 million unique visitors each month visit, rate and review. It is reportedly used by 85% of  consumers looking for local businesses, services and products. Yelp visitors can perform a search for the type of business they are looking for within a location and read reviews and ratings from other visitors on the site.

Bad Yelp Reviews

Bad Yelp Reviews

To the local small business owner, the feedback, comments and suggestions posted in the internet community will have a direct impact on their business. If all of the feedback is positive, the small business owner should prepare for an influx of clients and customers, but if there are negative responses, the effect will be the opposite. In order to maintain a strong local presence, the business owner has to keep a positive online reputation at all times which is very hard work and requires a constant watch of the consumer advocacy sites.

If  negative comments and feedback appears its most likely that it will have an unpleasant effect on the business’s reputation, the business owner can opt to address it by acknowledging the comment and promising to investigate it and offer.

We help businesses who do not have the time to monitor, react and respond to these comments with a full service Yelp Reputation Management solution.