Fix Google Auto Suggest

fix google autosuggest

How to fix google auto suggest

Google Auto Suggest (google instant/suggestions)

Consider this scenario. A potential customer or supporter is doing a Google search for your name, service or product online, and before they can even finish typing the phrase, instant Google results pop on your screen exclaiming “your name/product is a scam”, or “never trust your name/product”.

This is going to have a detrimental effect on the way they view you or your product and in most cases immediately causes them to question your internet reputation. Unfortunately, it’s all based on an arbitrary system of what people are searching and what Google deems to be ‘popular’.

We Fix Google Auto Suggestion Problems works very close with our clients to choose from 4 – 7 positive keyword phrases that you would like to show up when people begin to type in your name or product within the Google search engine. In most cases we are able to remove the derogatory or unwanted suggestions and replace them with the more positive terms we crafted on you or your businesses behalf.

  • Before AutoSuggest :  “(Wilson Widget Inc.) is a horrible product!”
  • After fixed AutoSuggest: “(Wilson Widget Inc.) is a great company”


  • Before Auto Suggest:  “(Lindas Daycare) is a waste of money”
  • After fixed Auto Suggest: “(Lindas Daycare) is a good choice”


In most cases, you will find that these negative suggestions are a result of one digital bit of bad content that is wreaking havoc on the auto-suggest system. Typically this happens when webmasters are trying to generate traffic to their site and are able to create enough interest in the negative search, that it begins trending, and Google begins auto-suggesting it.

The good news is that we know how to reverse those trends and actually use them to our advantage.

Reversing the Trend

In conjunction with our suppression management program we will attempt to target the negative search term and suppress it from Google searches. This works by controlling the volume of searches on a daily basis from within the Google Search engine. Most people don’t surf past the first page of Google thankfully so this means that anything that is pushed down to page four and lower is practically non-existent as far as consumers are concerned. With your Auto Suggest, or Auto Correct problem, we can craft it so that even if someone searches on a negative auto-suggestion, the only links available would be positive ones links based on content written for and controlled by you.

With a balance of reputation management and our Auto-suggest, we can repair your online internet reputation and create a protective campaign to keep this from happening again. This includes our continually monitoring Auto Suggest terms and recently published content system. Are you ready to get started?

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