We are very proud of the work we do and how we help individuals and businesses regain their online reputation. While we cannot disclose the names of our clients for confidentiality purposes we are lucky enough to get many positive emails sent our way from our happy clients.

“Good afternoon Customer Support, I just wanted to tell you how amazing Neenah was in handling my issues!  She explained everything, was extremely kind and understanding, and very patient with me through the whole thing.  Neenah went way above and beyond what she needed to in order to help me, and I really can’t say enough about her.  She provided outstanding service.  Your removal service is AMAZING and worth every penny.  I would absolutely recommend you to friends and EVERYONE who has had malicious and inaccurate information posted about them on the Internet.  It’s a shame your service is needed, but I am so happy I found you!  Thank you!- Lynn

“I couldn’t believe my name was on the web in a very bad forum, I contacted and George my account manager assured me that they could handle the job. George was in contact with me every step of the way and was one of the most Professional people I have ever worked with., works they are my new best friends and will always protect your interests.” Anonymous

“Great company. The absolute best around! This company and the people that work here will do whatever it takes to help anyone remove something that they don’t want on the search engines and will do so super fast.  They don’t play around.  They work fast; super professional and very kind through out the entire process.  Neenah helped me with my removal and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to be the one who would help me with this.  She provided such peace of mind and with ease helped me rid my posts    I recommend this company to anyone looking to clean something off the web. Top notch!!” Anonymous

“Neenah-Words cannot express how thankful I am to you for convincing me to hire your company to remove my name off of a trashy website, in which I do not want to even speak their name.  Now I can sleep at night much more peacefully.  If I know anyone who needs assistance in removing their names or photos off of these disgusting websites I will be sure to refer them to you.  I must admit, as you know I didn’t think it was possible to remove my name not only from the website but from Google.  I’m still shocked and amazed at how you did it and I will always be grateful.  Thanks so much!” Anonymous

“Thank you so much Neenah for your consistency and it has been such a pleasure working with you! You have been excellent with communicating with me and making me feel comfortable during the whole process. It’s seems that you (including Mr. Lawson) work around the clock. Thank you for your professionalism and excellent service! I am forever grateful.  Grateful and happy! 🗨😄 Thank you ! My kindest regards to you and your team!”

“George and his team at Remove Names are life savers. I am glad I turned to them when someone tried to ruin me simply because they could no longer control me. George explained the process and reassured me that he and his team would be able to successfully remove negative and false comments online about me. I would highly recommend using them and their expertise. Peace of mind is priceless and that’s what George was able to provide me. There still are good, honest people in this world! Always grateful -Satisfied customer”

“Neenah did a thoroughly professional job, in a timely manner, of removing the objectionable posting and the associated search links. Everything was done as promised and I would encourage anyone facing a similar problem to use this service.”–Anonymous

“A prominent International client requested a Ripoff Report be removed ASAP referencing the president of their company.  I contacted Jake at Remove Names and contracted with him for this removal. The Ripoff Report was removed in 30 days. Remove Names got the job done quickly and efficiently. Their professionalism, transparency, and accessibility is second to none. As a professional in the industry I have worked with many firms that claim to achieve these results but Jake and his team deliver on their commitments.-Anonymous”

“I had a unique situation where a cheated on spouse tried to ruin my life instead of the life of her husband.  That husband told me he was separated but lied to both me and his wife.  After the wife finished her vengeance tantrum, I was listed on 4 of these horrid websites.  Of course her own husband wasn’t listed anywhere.  I agonized for weeks over this and the last straw was to come to Jake at Remove Names.  There are a lot of options but none of them actually felt credible.  I was even scared to pay but I am glad that I did.  This service isn’t cheap, but peace of mind and restoring a good name has a value that is hard to put a price tag on.  Thank you Jake and your entire team. -Anonymous”

“The service at was more than what I expected, I was accommodated and taken care of like a first priority from George and the team. I highly recommend their service, easy to get in touch with and fast to respond to your needs. Thank you again. -Anonymous”

“George, Thanks again for all you did. I appreciate it. I was in a tight spot, was contacted by a lawyer and I was required to remove a post from I contacted and they did a great job removing the post promptly. I appreciate that the service was relatively easy, effective and was streamlined. I would recommend the service to anyone. -Blaine”

“George and everyone at Remove Names are absolutely amazing! Something nasty on a disgusting website was written about me that I needed removed. After a little under a week of being indecisive whether to go through with this service or not, senior advisor George (who was always very kind, professional, and patient with me), kept assuring me how it would be a guarantee removal plus if posted again, I’d get a couple of free removals. I finally decided to put my trust in him and the company and it was the best decision I could have ever made! This gold review doesn’t do justice for how truly amazing and trustworthy this company is. -Anonymous”

“I want to thank Senior Account Manager George for helping out a mother who was so distraught over the damaging of my daughters name on a website and almost every search engine. Poor George, I had called him more than several times about this matter and he was so patient, kind, and understanding over this issue. Remove Names was able to get it removed in less than a week and a half. I want everyone to know that if anyone has a problem with a website or search engine that’s damaging their reputation, please use Remove Names. They keep their word about taking care of damaging information. I was so distraught and didn’t know who to turn to to help my daughter fix this problem and Remove Names gave me a guarantee and followed through. -BG”

“I just wanted to take the time to thank Neenah for her concern and support. She was easy to work with and was emphatic to my needs. She did a great job. Thanks. -Paula”

“Great work done by Neenah in salvaging my reputation and removing the slanderous words of sick individuals. Neenah was very professional and did not in anyway make me feel like she was hunting me down for my business. She gave me the time to decide on investing in improving my image and when I did decide I got the results I needed in a timely manner. I’m a satisfied customer for sure.  I will recommend RemoveNames to anyone seeking help on building back their reputation.  Interestingly I did some shopping around and found that the fee for the service was most competitive. This was a compelling factor for me choosing remove names initially.  At the end I found that the value exceeds the service provided. Thanks -Anonymous”

“I can’t begin to say how relieved I am that I had Neenah as my account manager.  She walked me through every step, kept me updated, and was extremely understanding about my worries and concerns.  I had my reservations, but after an untrue post on a site led to me possibly missing out on a job and caused friction in a relationship, I needed to do something.  I feel better about myself, better about my future job interviews, and my girlfriend is relieved that her friends and family won’t ever find that post regardless of how untrue it was.  Thank you, Remove Names, and a huge thank you to Neenah. -Anonymous”

“Jake, I wanted to thank your company for removing the bogus smear tactic attempted by an ex-friend.   With the uniqueness of my name, the high SEO value of that damn website, it rocketed to the top ranking in mere days.  My kid caught it – and let me know…ugh.   I stand by your service and would be happy to offer a review. Also, Neenah is awesome, so keep that going. Thanks again! -Anonymous”

“I want to thank George and his team for removing my name from the websites where false information was provided about me. I found your service to be great and you did everything as you said you would. My name was removed in a timely fashion and from both Google and Yahoo. I appreciate the friendliness and the concern that you expressed during your services. I also appreciate the fact that I was able to talk to you in person when I needed to. Thanks again George  for the wonderful job you did. Sincerely, -Pete”

“Finding out your name and reputation is being maliciously libeled on an Internet website is needlessly to say stressful and upsetting. I am a professional who is subjected to background searches and this libel had the potential to negatively impact my career. I contacted remove names and spoke with George who walked me through the process of removing the offending nonsense. It was expensive but his confidence in getting this issue resolved was comforting. It was all done sooner than I expected and I am so relieved and grateful for the great customer service. Well worth the money to be able to protect your reputation. -Cindy”

“I would like to recommend the services of, the reason that I used the services was it was recommended to me by one of my friends as one of the Premier Companies that would provide absolute results with protecting your good name and image by removing any negative information from well know websites that allow anonymous negative and careless postings. I am very satisfied with the work that they did for me to remove my name from a well known site that caused me some personal embarrassment and harassment. I was also extremely impressed with George Mangos enthusiasm, his communication skills and professional demeanor when I spoke with him regarding the situation. During the entire time George reported to me exactly what would happen and always answered my emails promptly with the accurate information regarding my request, he consistently demonstrated all of these qualities and more, and I heartily endorse him for his efforts and understanding when it comes to knowing his craft and dealing with high profile executives such as myself. is reliable, dedicated and delivered exactly what they promised.  George’s ability to calm angry or frustrated customers is unparalleled, and it is because of his excellence in this area that I used your services and have not looked back since i started with your company. has my highest recommendation, and I am happy to furnish more details if you would like additional information. Sincerely –CCS”

“At first I was really worried about this whole mess, I called up I talked to Mr. George and he reassured me that every thing would be fine and that I’m in good hands, after the first week the post was removed. So much burden was lifted, all thanks and blessings to guys ..Thank you Mr. George -T.”

“Hello, I recently used to assist me in removing a person’s name from, and  Ever since the first call to them via the toll free number, they were extremely helpful.  I had been forwarded onto George (Customer Rep).  He was very concerned and very reassuring about rectifying my situation.  I filled in some necessary legal documents for him, and within 5 days, the name had been removed from, and 2 days later from the other websites.  after this, he told me they would also erase the links from Google, Bing, and Yahoo.  Google links and pics were destroyed within 5 days, and Bing and Yahoo took a little longer, but finally disappeared within 2 weeks.  the process was very thorough, and haven’t had any problems with these websites or any others since. Thanks a ton, for giving my sanity and my life back!! –Jason”

“I wanted to write and let you know that Neenah Grastorf did a great job of helping me remove information from a web page.  She was very professional but at the same time very patient, helpful and supportive and showed compassion at the time of a very difficult situation.  Though it seemed like a very long time, it did not actually take that long for the content to be removed.  Thank you very much for having someone like Neenah to help folks navigate through cyber space issues. -Deb”

“Hi Jake and the team, My name is Mr. Thomas from Australia. I recently sought out for your assistance with the removal of an online post. I am very grateful for your service and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Your service was exceptional and the communication was excellent. Your valuable service has given me ‘peace of mind’. Special thanks to Jake for your wonderful leadership. Your team is very knowledgeable and the energy and dedication you guys put to task is infectious. Great job. Regards, Mr. Thomas”

“I worked with Neenah on resolving a post I put up that I wanted taken down. She was so professional and helpful! It was a pleasure doing business with her! It was an expensive mistake but I have closure. I took the high road and took the post down so that the guy could apply for jobs again w/o retribution of having his name come up on a Google Search. Thank you for your prompt service!! Sincerely, Felicia”

“I would like to thank Jake and his team at Remove Names.  When your name is being slandered on cheating websites by a disgruntled ex, it is a down right nightmare.  I was hesitant to pay someone to take the postings down because I was worried I would pay and the postings would stay up.  It ended up being better than I had anticipated.  They had the postings all down within a week.  If I emailed Jake or the support team, I always received a response within an hour or two.  I had lots of questions and concerns and they were always there to help and never seemed to get frustrated with me (or my situation).  If you ever end up in a situation like mine I highly recommend Remove Names, you won’t be disappointed.  I can’t thank them enough for what they did for me. Thanks again. Anonymous”

“ has been very efficient for me, I was kept well informed through the several times I used this process. Jake was very responsive and friendly. I would recommend this to others looking for a comprehensive service. -Anonymous United Kingdom”

“I cannot thank Remove Names enough for removing my name and bogus links from a disgusting online site.  My Account Manager George and the staff completely removed my name and the associated links in one week giving me great piece of mind and repairing my online reputation. -Jack.”

“I truly appreciate Neenah and the team at for helping me with this disturbing Internet post. The price I had to pay was costly, however it was worth it if it saves my family from falling apart.  One moment of rage could cost a life time of heart ache!! Your team was professional and easy to communicate with. Thanks ever so much!! -Anonymous”

“Being the target of slander on cheater websites is very upsetting and embarrassing especially of you are from Europe where these kind of issues are extremely unusual. Having considered hiring a solicitor or just ignoring the posts, I decided to contact Remove Names. I thought that while it comes at a price, that would still be the cheapest and most efficient way to get rid off defamatory comments. Very skeptical at first as I had never heard of these kind of services, I decided to give it a try and fully trust the people of I was right, George and the team fully delivered what they promised within the given time frame and took the time to contact me on a Saturday to let me know that the posts were down. They are quick, efficient, professional and very responsive to questions via telephone and email contacts. I fully recommend them to anyone who cares about online reputation. Thanks a lot! -Pat Europe” helped me to repair the damage done to my friend’s reputation through cyber-bullying. Her information and picture were posted to multiple cheater websites and got them taken down within the 7-14 day timeline they promised. Their contact was always responsive to texts and calls. I Would recommend them to anyone in a similar situation as my friend. -J”

“Literally a lifesaver is the best way to describe George/, as they made the seemingly impossible happen =Freed my good name and fine character from the fictitious derogatory words published/posted about me all over the World Wide Web. What I am most thankful for and what is most remarkable though is the extremely helpful, efficient, reliable and thorough manner in which they conduct all their service transactions. Before finding George/ as my colleagues and friends will attest, I was hopeless since having a fully cleared name just did not at all appear feasible for numerous reasons all of which I’m sure anyone needing to read this can relate (i.e. financially & psychologically) and so here is the good news: I know for a fact I got very lucky-which I refer to as a huge blessing -when I found George/ because these guys have Integrity-do all that they say they are going to do- are Additionally positively supportive and treat their clients with the dignity, respect and consideration that we all deserve. MY GOOD NAME IS NOW BACK, COMPLETELY CLEAR THANKS TO THEM! Very Satisfied and Appreciative Client- Tammy”

“Thank your George!  A few weeks ago I found out about a post about myself that was on a cheaters website.  As for any one else this can make you go crazy especially when it is from a vindictive person.  I scrambled around trying to find a way to get myself removed from this website.  I found Remove Names and started to read up on it.  I was very skeptical at first but after talking to George and he gave me the rundown of everything and every single step that I would go through I had to take a chance and believe his word.  Less than a week later everything he had promised was complete and even exceeded my own expectations.  He was very helpful and patient the whole time because I was texting him every day and he never seemed to get agitated with me, he just kept saying “this is what I do and don’t worry”.  Thanks for everything George and!!” -Jay (USA – South)

“To Jake and team: I just wanted to take the time to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me get my life back. I’m so grateful to you guys for taking those horrible posts down, and keeping me updated. Your service to your clients is exceptional and first class. I wanted to make a commendation to Neenah. She was always there to answer any questions I had with a deep sense of understanding during this embarrassing matter. She is very knowledgeable in her field and I cannot thank her enough for helping me. She is an asset to the company, and a sweetheart =). It is with utmost sincerity and appreciation that I would highly recommend your company to anyone. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Many thanks, -Jackie”

“A couple of days ago I realized that my ex posted pictures of me with awful slanders! I was so ashamed and I felt like it was the end of the world! Thank God I spoke Jake and his great team… they are awesome and they keep their promises!! They cleaned my name up on the Internet! You can definitely trust them, they are the best! Especially Jake, he is a wonderful person and he handled my case personally. Thank God exists! Thank you.  -Anonymous from Istanbul, Turkey.”

“Jake & Team: Just a note to say THANK YOU so very much for your prompt and efficient handling of this for me! It is nice in this world that we live in today to be able to deal with people who do exactly what they say they can and will do in such a timely manner. -Bob

“Hi George I just received an email stating the post was removed!! Sorry to text you on a Saturday but I wanted to sincerely thank you for everything you’ve done for me… you were always there for me and comforted me during this difficult time!!! Thank you for everything.” -Sarah

“I am happy I contacted George and your company to assist me in this embarrassing act from my ex-girlfriend. George has been the best to work with and is very honest, professional and easy to work with to resolve. This was my first experience with this type of situation and appreciate the service I have received from George and your company. -Mark

“International customer here who found myself in a jam with regards to libelous posts that were jeopardizing my state of mind, professional future, and close relationships.  In spite of time differences and such inevitable frustrations, Jake and his team worked diligently to help me get value for the money and effort spent on the removal process.  I can confidently say that does exactly what it promises to do.  Jake often stayed up late, way out of office hours, to help me.  Let’s hope my nemesis who posted slander about me vaporizes, but in case he or she doesn’t, I know the team is standing by to assist me in the best way possible. With enormous gratitude and a sense of relief – Anonymous

“I never thought this would happen to me; my boyfriend was cheating on me – I called him out and then I told the other “woman” involved as well.   Instead of posting horrible messages about the two timer boyfriend, she posted 9 disgusting, humiliating messages on sites that I never knew existed.    I frantically called Remove Names and Jake personally spoke with me, reassuring me that he could remove all those nasty postings, which he promptly did.   I want to personally thank Jake for his knowledge, assistance and insight. This was a very sad time for me and Jake was totally understanding and thorough, I am very grateful to Remove Names.” -DMNJ

“My experience using Remove Names was great! I received a call from George almost immediately after my initial call. Of course I had several questions and George answered them all. He made me fully aware of what I was to expect. I was still a little skeptical so George told me to take all the time I needed, and let him know when I was ready. Once the process began, they kept me informed the entire time. My situation was handled in a timely manner. Superior customer service! I would highly recommend Remove Names. – Angela

“I had a wonderful experience with Remove Names. It was comforting to me that I could call at anytime and speak to either Jake or George to give me advice on the issue. They completely removed all information on each of the cheater site. I’m ecstatic! I really enjoyed the experience I had. Thank you so much! I will definitely recommend remove names to anyone in this situation. They kept everything confidential and professionally done.” -Anonymous, Trinidad

“I am so grateful for Jake and his staff are so understanding and eager to help. They provided me with awesome customer service and handled the situation in a timely matter! Very trustworthy team. Once again, I am grateful!” -Anonymous

“There are over one hundred companies that offer services to remove defamatory content fromso-called “dating sites”. I had been stalked online for almost a decade by one such female, and it all came to a head when a company terminated my contract due to fear that their clients might read it. Jake Lawson came to the rescue. He stayed online one night til 1:30 am explaining their procedures while also offering a healthy discount. It is now four weeks later and almost all references have been expunged. Jake is my hero. He did exactly what he promised to me even though this individual attempted to re-post her material. I highly recommend his services.” -Anonymous Shanghai, China 

“Thanks to Jake and the team at RemoveNames.  I have sent them several posts that they successfully removed all of them for me.  They kept me updated on progress, and most importantly let me know who I was working with.  I would recommend Remove Names! -Francis

“I don’t plan on dealing with stuff like this again but if anything, you will be the first I call and recommend. Thank you Nikki for all your help.” -Michael

Thank you!!!! We are Grateful for your professional, courteous and swift service. It has become ultimately concerning how anyone can post false comments about business owners and professional people. Thank you for being our sword of justice. We are indebted to you and your team. Thank you again from our whole family. Anonymous (Canada)

“I found out through a friend that someone had anonymously posted lies about me on 9 different internet sites.  My name, where I live, and photos came up first on Google searches. The slanderous accusations were damaging and posed threats to my career and personal life. Not sure what to do I contacted Remove Names. The speed with which they were able to help me was amazing, but what impressed me most was the individual attention.  Most of my conversations were with Jake, the President of the company.  He even gave me his cell number to contact him directly with any questions or concerns.  While I wouldn’t wish my problem on anyone I was grateful to Remove Names for making it go away.”Anonymous

“Firstly, let me say I would have never guessed in a million years I would be in a situation involving sensitive information floating around the Internet that I had zero personal agency over. In need of professional help, I called RemoveNames and I was 100% taken care of every step of the way, from the time I called (even though it was 11:30pm) to the complete and fast removal of the ultra sensitive information that could have destroyed my personal life if it had just sat there, ripe for anyone to find with a simple Google search. Jake and his team were calming and reassuring and they kept me updated with the process of the removal. I recommend RemoveNames with all my heart and I hope anyone who experiences the feeling of panic and despair that I experienced, finds RemoveNames so that they too can have their life back in their hands as my life is now back in mine. I feel like the biggest weight in the world has been lifted off my shoulders. Remove Names removed personal, and potentially life and relationship destroying information from the Internet in just TWO DAYS! I am thrilled and so grateful that the worst few days of my life that I spent in tears and worry are now behind me!” Erin J, NY, NY

My ex’s defamatory post on Playerblock and became the first Google result for my name. Although several points in the post were provably untrue, lawyers I spoke with could give no guarantee of final costs or successful results. Jake at did the job he promised with such promptness and great customer service that my only regret was wasting months looking at other options while the post spread to multiple sites. JAKE IS NO JOKE!! Cheater site removal

Im sure like most potential clients I was very hesitant at first and thought this was a scam until Jake called me back within minutes. Our plastic surgery practice review sites were getting hammered by a competitor of ours and Jake presented us with a solution that has far exceeded our expectations. Most of the nasty reviews were removed and the others buried and we couldnt be happier. Many Thanks to George and the Remove Names team. Dr. Williams Corporate complaint and review campaign

An ex girlfriend of mine put me on and playerblock, Jake Lawson and his crew had both removed within 5 days. I am so very thankful. Thank you!  Cheater site removal

My wife had a couple pretty nasty past offenses that were haunting her online and was causing her not to get a new job. buried them very deep within google and we are very pleased. Article/blog suppression and removal campaign

I am so very grateful Jake for the fast removal of my information online! Thank you Thank you! Cheater site Removal

I called this company on January 23  because I was on a site called DatingPsychos and within 4 days I was fully removed from the site and the link in the search engines was gone as well. I am a Boston Police Officer and this was a smear campaign by…well I will stop there, anyhow these guys seriously are no joke. Cheater site removal

I contacted because when you were to put in the first couple words of my business name the word SCAM would appear in google auto suggest, these guys fixed that and I am still in shock as I thought i was forever doomed. I actually was going to change my companies name. I am so appreciative. thank you again! Google Auto Suggest campaign

While I am still upset that I have to pay for a removal that I didn’t create (and frankly have no idea who did) these guys held true to their word and removed names from Cheaterville as quoted within 7 days. Cheater site removal

Either an angry customer or competitor created a bunch of ‘My business is a SCAM’ style blogs and this company has managed to get 2 removed and bury 4 so far. They have since left the Google first page and are on page 3. Its been about 3 months. I thank you for this service as I can see a noticeable increase in calls and online orders. My business is not a scam but because of these blogs someone created I was losing a massive amount of business and my conversions were way down so I am very happy with this service and the price. You guys were cheaper than most everyone I called. Thank you. Doug O. Corporate complaint and review campaign   Article and Blog removal and suppression campaign.

Nick, It was good talking to you. I really appreciate your help. This has been a strange couples of months and you have been one of the only bright spots. I will keep you up to date on how things progress. Whatever happened to the days when if someone bad mouthed you just went outside and threw hands……oh well, anyways thank you!

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