Smart individuals and business owners know: If you don’t have a problem, you should act now!

Savvy individuals and businesses consult with us about their online reputation while their online reputation and/or reviews are either nonexistent or just fairly positive.  Businesses understand that their customers are actively seeking reviews and advice from their online counterparts, not only on review sites but also on other social media, from Facebook to Foursquare.

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Mitigation

Smart Individuals know that while you have a clean online reputation appearance in Google, Yahoo and Bing now, it only takes a minute for your reputation to become smeared online very quickly.

We can help prevent a reputation disaster for individuals and businesses by using our Reputation Smoke Screen package, which features a personalized campaign to create online properties and assets promoting you or your business in a positive light. These assets will hit the web, and all the major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing, will pick these up and rank them. A virtual smoke screen is created that will make it hard for an enemy or competitor to try a smear campaign against you.

Protect your online reputation with a virtual smoke screen that makes it much harder for future attacks against you or your business on the Google home page. It’s smart to start now to prevent having to hire a Reputation Management company in the future to clean up a massive smear attack launched against you or your company.

Mitigation Reputation Management Services

Our mitigation reputation management services focus on businesses without major existing problems. Our ORM service includes the following:

Online reputation asset inventory and analysis – provides in-depth research about your online business presence across all major review sites, databases, directories, forums, news media, and other social media feeds and streams. Our data mining research and analysis includes our proprietary RMN ORM authority score that weighs your positive and negative ratings as well as your strengths and vulnerabilities. We present this report to you and gauge our campaign and strategy based on this information.

Thorough ORM consultation and strategy—We work with our clients one-on-one to develop an online reputation management strategy that will work within your business operations to monitor online reviews that impact the conversation about your business. This includes helping you set up a system to solicit and encourage reviews from happy customers that will help mitigate against future attacks on your business. By setting up your groundwork now for a positive reputation management campaign, you will protect yourself against that one negative comment, review, or attack that could start a downward spiral. A good example of this strategy involves a plastic surgeon we have as a client. Before approaching us, this person had no reviews, comments, or ratings across the board on all consumer advocacy sites, such as Yelp and City Search. Our client was having trouble with one client who attacked them on all the major sites, which dramatically affected their business. This attack immediately led to “F” ratings, 0% likeability score, and the only feedback available was one bad review. Our campaign is now helping level the playing field, and every day our client is gaining more and more business from our efforts.

Staff training –  Almost without exception, bad customer reviews stem from real or perceived customer service or communication problems within the organization. We assist and train your internal staff about the impact of customer service in online comments, rating and review sites, as well as best practice procedures for responding to bad online reviews. We will also teach you how to respond to bad online Internet reviews.

Ongoing services – If you don’t have the internal staffing resources or would rather not deal with the social media aspects of your business, we provide thorough ongoing services in various areas, including the solicitation of good customer reviews and facilitating their posting online as well as monitoring services to keep track of your online reputation profile so that you don’t have to worry.

Now is the time to talk about Online Reputation Risk Mitigation before remediation may be necessary.

Think of it as insurance for your online reputation Let’s talk today!