Scam Websites


This company is a scam websites

Has a competitor, disgruntled employee or customer falsely labeled your company online as a Scam Company? If so we can help.

We have seen every type of ‘Company Name’ is a Scam blog, website and consumer advocacy page and can help bury and remove these erroneous and false properties that will greatly impact your businesses bottom line. As of lately we have seen many wordpress and blogger style ‘company name is a scam’ sites with comments and they are easily buried with positive press about you and your company. In most cases we will attempt a full removal with a suppression campaign attached.

In some cases we have our legal team challenge the validity of the site by attempting to contact the sites owner as we would much rather have a full removal than a burial and we have been very successful in getting scam sites taken down.

If you feel you and your company are a victim of a scam attack please contact us immediately for a free consultation today.