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**We are now offering a Lifetime Removal Option from ScamBoard. That’s right, we take all the risk! If you get posted again on Scam Board after we remove the post, we’ll remove it at no additional charge!**

Scam Board is a newer complaint based websites that boasts a comprehensive database of consumer opinion, reviews, complaints, business details and ratings. tends to rank on the first page for most businesses which means if you are featured on this website that a customer searching for your business will most likely stumble across the review, read it and move on.

Screenshot (926)The site provides sample complaint letter, along with tips on how to effectively file a complaint with a company to achieve gratifying results and make it extremely easy for the visitor to follow through with their negative report. They also provide templates, product safety information, service contracts, and service complaints for a very easy reporting system. Instead of trying to monopolize the consumer advocacy genre, has a giant referral page with links to more than a hundred other top review and rate consumer sites.

The bottom line is you want to get your name and business off We can these posts removed! Please contact us at 1-866-848-2022 or use the self check-out button below.