Do you want to remove your name from Scamfound?


**We are now offering a Lifetime Removal Option from Scamfound. That’s right, we take all the risk! If you get posted again on Scam Found after we remove the post, we’ll remove it at no additional charge!**

Did a friend, family member or co-worker tell you about an unflattering post that will most likely severely damage your online reputation?

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Are you now wondering how do I remove my name from Scamfound?

If so, Stay Calm, we can help remove it!

Everyday we help clients remove their name from Scamfound using our legal & arbitration RemoveNames service. The removal process takes anywhere from 7-14 days and if we do not win the case and get the removal you don’t pay a dime. We have a very, very high removal rate with this site and that is how we can offer our ironclad money-back guarantee.

After we successfully get the removal from we will notify you so that you can verify and we immediately begin to scrub the search engines of the outdated information. To remove the Scam Found post from Google, Yahoo and Bing typically takes anywhere from 5-12 days so we tell clients within 10-20 days its as if the post on Scamfound never happened.

This is for a FULL Removal of your profile off the site including pictures, text and comments. We have a 100% removal rate for unsubstantiated claims