Current owner and CEO Jake Lawson prides himself on his ability to assist clients with their online reputations. He treats every client as if they were a family member and his goal is to clean the negative items as if they never occurred.

Jake Lawson

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Jake Lawson is the President and CEO of He has spent 15 years as an industry veteran specializing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Online Reputation Management, Removals, Celebrity Reputations, Athlete Reputations and Social Media strategies for all businesses serving as a catalyst for successful Marketing, Training, Internet Start-up, Finance, Customer Loyalty and Business Development initiatives. This is complemented by high-caliber management qualifications and a proven track record in delivering results. is in the business of restoring reputations unfairly damaged by online smear attacks. How does Removenames do it?

Here’s an excerpt from the FAQs: “The 2 [two] main services we offer which sets us apart from other Online Reputation Management companies is a legal research & removal approach and a site suppression approach. We retain attorneys to attempt to legally remove/challenge the name/post/comment in question and we deploy several software tools to bury the negative comments deep within the web so that it makes finding that derogatory comment or page very hard for anyone to find.”

By using both the law and a stable of attorneys, and technology, which can hide or essentially destroy the negative link, Removenames is able to clean the slate for you, at prices you can afford.The longer damaging information about you and your business is in circulation the harder it becomes to remove. You can yell and scream at the unfairness of it all—and you’d be correct—but that’s not going to correct the problem. You’re not going to be able to correct the problem because you don’t have the resources. But there is help for you and you should take advantage of it to restore your online reputation.

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