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Jake Lawson, President & CEO at RemoveNames.com helps to remove negative & slanderous information about individuals and companies online again joins Enterprise Radio.

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Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Jake Lawson discuss the following:


We have had you here before, but tell our listeners who you are and what your company does?

  • There are some people who think that you own these websites you remove from, can you set the record straight for us?
  • How many websites can you remove information from?
  • We recently read a press release that you are doing business Internationally, is there a need for your services Internationally?
  • If our listeners need your services, how can they get a hold of you?

Jake Lawson has spent 15 years as an industry veteran specializing in Online Damage Control, Information Removal, search engine optimization, Reputation Management, and social media strategies for all businesses serving as a catalyst for successful marketing, training, Internet start-up, finance, customer loyalty, and business Podcast Networkdevelopment initiatives. This is complimented by high-caliber management qualifications and a proven track record in delivering results.