Important Reputation Management Tips from Cheaterville to Mugshot removals

What makes it on to the Internet can often last forever.  In many cases, this is a good thing; it helps us keep records, make payments on time, cross-reference old emails, and a thousand other benefits.  However, there are some significant drawbacks as well; if you’ve ever had negative press about you, or people harass you through the posting of false information, that too often ends up staying around forever.

That’s where services provided by companies like come into play; with their sophisticated reputation management techniques, they can help you to push down bad content related to you on the net.  They can even assist if you have been profiled somewhere like the aforementioned Cheaterville website; even mug shots sites and arrest posts can usually be successfully dealt with.

So how do you select the correct internet public relations company to perform damage control for you?  Like any other service, make sure you shop around a bit and do your research, but these three qualities are good places to begin your evaluation:

  • Specific Services Offered – One thing to definitely check is what specific services the company offers; not all are created equal.  Some companies may specialize in working with blogs or printed sources; others may specialize in image management.  Make sure to speak with the company to make sure they offer the services which best suit your personal circumstances.
  • Customer Service – Another big hurdle for companies in this space is customer service and account management.  Ideally, you should have an account representative or manager who will work with you, discuss your situation in full, then perform some research to get a technical picture of your problem, and only then will they start discussing which services and costs you may need to incur.  Don’t get railroaded into buying something you don’t need, and make sure your reputation management company offers good service. Do they have a telephone number and physical office?
  • Reputation – The last factor you may want to consider is their reputation themselves.  Thankfully, this is another task made extremely simple by the internet.  Take a look around online, see what their reputation is, and see if other customers have comments about their service.  Generally, stick with companies that have established reputations for delivering excellent service over as long a period of time as possible.

Following these simple common-sense tips will help you to locate a reputation management firm in your area that can help you resolve whatever negative publicity issues you are facing.

You may want to start by visiting the sites of industry leaders, such as