remove complaints board

Remove complaints board

Searching Your Brand

In the business world, trademark is everything. With the innovations of Google, more and more people are going online every day to research those they’re considering doing business with. A spiteful or malicious report can have severely damaging results to your brand. Even something posted years ago can come back to haunt you on a search page. – When a Noble Idea Goes Awry
ComplaintsBoard is another in a line of consumer advocacy websites. Created in 2006, it was modeled after the successful RipOffReports website. Its goal is to give a voice for individuals to be heard in regards to a dispute. It hosts over 500,000 posts and is growing daily. It has traditionally been a popular site and ranks very high in Google for complaint searches.

Initially quite successful, the website has unfortunately been taken over mostly by disgruntled former employees, petty disagreements, and unscrupulous business competitors. The website allows people to post anonymously and offers no way to validate the claims made. Once posted, a complaint becomes part of the site’s public record and can cause damage to a business or individual’s online reputation.

Unlike most other consumer advocacy sites, ComplaintBoards does allow the original poster to log in to their account and remove a posting. This means that if you are able to contact the original poster, there is a chance that you might convince them to remove it. However, since the website does not require any proof of identity, there is no guarantee that you will be able to contact them at all – or that they’ll even be willing to talk to you.

It is also possible that you could contact ComplaintsBoard and ask them to remove offending material. But it’s important to know that ComplaintsBoard is protected by the CDA act of 1996, and thus not held responsible for content third-parties post to its forums. Past attempts have proven that they have no interest other than maintaining their forum board, and will not likely even respond. Along with the fact that there is no phone number to contact them, this is a long shot.

Lastly, it has become a thug tactic to mark a target and start a campaign of ill-report for the intent of demanding extortion. These online pirates can demand thousands of dollars to remove their erroneous claims. They know the same thing that we’ve been talking about – that brand name and reputation are a very valuable commodity.  With no real recourse or action, this leaves you at the mercy of the internet and hoping that these pages will somehow go away on their own. Which they rarely do.

The Power of Trade-Mark
At our company uses proven methods to make sure this does not happen to you. Even if you are already the victim of internet libel, we can quickly and efficiently remove the false or misleading information quickly. Through an effective reputation management campaign, we replace the top five to fifteen pages of Google searches with accurate information provided by and controlled by you. Eight out of ten Google searchers never go past the first page. This means that by pushing all other negative posts down far enough, they will never be seen. Our campaigns are so comprehensive that when we finish, not only will your net reputation be repaired, but future libel can be deflected before it has a chance to affect you.  Our team consists of online reputation management experts, Legal Councel, SEO technology experts, PPC professionals, journalists, graphic designers, programmers, social media and web 2.0 gurus, and search engine algorithm analysts, all of them working for you.