Cheater website removal and the new internet age

By: Jake Lawson.

Wow, where to begin?

As the father of a young daughter the internet is a scary place these days. If a relationship turns sour

Contact Jake

Contact Jake

anyone can post anonymously on sites like,, and the likes. Once up on the site its there for the world to see and most of these sites post on the fly meaning whatever image and content was submitted it will go live.

There are even REALLY bad sites like which allow nude images and are now positioning themselves to be in the ‘Revenge Porn’ arena. We are torn here at Remove Names…. do we attempt to remove that content and find an outlet or do we steer clear? If we steer clear we cannot provide a valuable service to our clients however if we engage with a site like that what happens to our image? If my daughter was on that site I would want an outlet, but as president of this firm do I want to engage with such a disturbing site and business model?

As a parent, my goals are going to be to teach my daughter to watch her online reputation carefully, just as I tell my clients. I also consult with schools and colleges locally to help guide them, their staff and students on how to best position themselves for a sterling online image.


These are weird times and I feel its only going to get worse as social media grows and turns into the REAL wild, wild west. While our industry for the most part is shady, I do feel our firm provides a valuable service as we search and find the outlets that allow removals to occur so you don’t have to. We catch alot of negative feedback for what we do but at the end of the day when I get the email that says “You saved my marriage” or ” I got accepted by XYZ College” that makes my day!

Can I help you or your family?


If so do not hesitate to contact me directly. I like to text and talk about how I can help you and yours! On that note…

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Have a great fourth of July everyone!


Jake Lawson

President & CEO – Remove Names LLC.


PS: If you search around and look at other reputation management firms you normally do not see an owner or even an employee picture or info on the site. I would like to personally offer my services at any time. I am here in Baltimore if you are in the near area and welcome you to our office for a meet and greet.