Cheaterville: Help or Menace to Relationships?

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Since there has been cheating, there have been people talking about putting together a network of people who keeps tabs on people cheating, and in the past, it was an amusing concept at the very least. Now however, with the anonymity, speed, and range of the Internet, this becomes an easy possibility, which is exactly what Cheaterville has accomplished.


What is Cheaterville?

Cheaterville is a website where you can go online and “report” cheating from previous and current significant others. The concept of this website is tempting.  After all, we have all had exes who we wish we could put a gigantic warning sign over their heads to help people from making the same mistakes we did. Unfortunately though, it is a practice that will end up breaking more hearts than it will save.


The Problem with Slander

If it weren’t for the anonymity of the Internet, Cheaterville would be a great idea, but since the Internet is such a large resource of unverified fact and propaganda, it makes it easy for anyone to log on with fake info and make anyone else look bad. It is one thing to post information about a person who has actually done you harm and post true facts about your relationship and what happened. It is quite another though for anyone out of anger, spite, or just a large amount of bias to go on to Cheaterville and ruin someone else’s name in a matter of seconds.  This is where critics take issue with it. There is no possible way to fact check everything, so there isn’t just going to be some slander that will fall through the cracks, but all slander will fall through the cracks.


What if This Happens to You?

Imagine that you have just gotten out of a break up with a rather wonderful person, but it just didn’t work out. In the end, you both had different life goals so you split up. A week later, without looking, you happen to find a new person who means the world to you. A week after that, your Ex finds out, and in a brief fit of rage, posts about how you cheated on them.  Both sides could be considered right, but there is no way of telling who is truly right or wrong, and that’s where the issues lies.  Suddenly, because of the publicity, you now feel you have to jump through hoops just to get your story told, much less their page removed.


Restoring Your Character Won’t be Easy

There is a removal page process that you can start if you do feel like you have been wronged in this regard. You can go to Cheaterville, fill out a relatively lengthy form, and wait several days. After which, you are told that there is nothing that can be done, because the original submitter is claiming that it is the truth and it is up to them to take it down.


Nobody’s Responsible

Unfortunately, if the above scenario happens to you, the website responsible for it all has no legal repercussions thanks to the Communications Decency Act, which protects websites like this from user-generated content. Since most people don’t understand the gravity that the Internet can have on real people’s lives, there will be a slew of people who defame others simply for the point of ruining their name on Cheaterville. Which makes the only viable solution is to hope your ex never has a particularly bad or emotional day from which you become the target.


More Websites like Cheaterville Coming Soon

The biggest repercussion of Cheaterville is going to be people trying to hop aboard the gravy chain. Any time a unique website starts gaining money, suddenly everyone thinks they can do the same exact website, but better. You end up with a slew of rip-off and poorly written sites all trying to make money off of a single website, which means there will be plenty of venues for people trying to make other people look bad. If it was one website that you had to watch, it would be easy, but needing to go through and check eight different websites just to make sure your name comes up clear when a potential employer Google’s you isn’t exactly a walk in the park.


Stay away from these sites, and warn other people away too. The fewer people who know of and go to these sites, the less slander and libel there will be to deal with.

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