SACRAMENTO, CA – A Sacramento couple said a website has turned their life into a nightmare.
Source promises to expose lying lotharios and two-timing temptresses. It lets users post pictures and name names.

Cheaterville Lawsuit

Cheaterville Lawsuit

So, when Jared Powers decided to searched for himself online via Google last December and came across his name and pictures on the site, he was livid.

“Shocked, angry, betrayed,” Jared said.

“We are very private people,” Jared’s wife Winona Powers said. “And we have an honorable marriage.”

Winona said someone swiped her Facebook photos and put them on Cheaterville. The photos accompanies a graphic testimonial from an anonymous user claiming Jared was, “Gay, Married, and Looking for Sex on Craigslist.”

“I’m so upset,” Winona said. “I start shaking.”

The couple immediately asked Cheaterville to remove the post.

“They replied and said we could make a comment if it’s not true,” Winona said. “That was irritating. I was upset. The fact they just wanted to toy with us.”

Cheaterville told Jared and Winona they would have to pay $200 and go through a third party arbitration service to have the post removed.

They did and the post is now gone, but it’s not enough.

“I want to know who did this,” Jared said. “It’s a total invasion of privacy.”

Without any names, they’ve filed a federal lawsuit against John Does 1-50, the unknown author, or authors, of the post. They also plan to subpoena Cheaterville to reveal their identities.

Cheaterville has agreed to release information about the person behind Jared’s post.

However, Cheaterville’s attorney Marc Randazza said the lawsuit is nothing more than a publicity stunt and extortion attempt.

“These are claims that nobody has seen since mid-January, and nobody remembers – but they will obtain far more notoriety, credence, and permanence as part of a federal lawsuit than they ever could on Cheaterville,” Randazza said.

As of right now, Cheaterville is not named in the suit. Online service providers have some protection when it comes to third party content, but Watts believes the site has some liability.

“What’s the participation of Cheaterville exactly in creating these posts,” attorney Daniel Watts said. “Because Cheaterville bases its business plans specifically around attracting slanderous, libelous comments.”

“Until we find out who it is, I’m going to be paranoid,” Winona said.


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Cheaterville Response