The Power of the Independent Complaint, Review and Rating

remove complaints

Remove Complaints

More and more, people are going online to research everything from restaurants to retails stores, and people to products. It’s no wonder that successful review sites have become extremely influential in swaying people’s opinions. With over 45 million views, websites like Google Places, Yelp, and City Search are helping to define the choices of people all over the world.  It’s very simple: go to the website, type in a business name and read about other people’s experiences. In most cases, you don’t even have to go to the website – a simple Google search will do the work for you.

As with all other consumer advocacy sites and independent reviews, the problem comes down to the motive and reliability of the information provided. One bitter employee, bad interaction, or business rival can severely affect your ranking with these websites. Since these rankings are so prominently found on web-searches, this can have a detrimental effect on the way that people view your business or product. All of this takes place without you having a chance to defend your reputation.

The Star-Rating
Let’s take Yelp for example: a simple web search for “your product review” might bring up any number of Yelp links. The interesting thing here is that each link given also has a “star rating” along with it. This means that someone can do a quick Google search, take an arbitrary look at just the star rating, and make a decision about what kind of business you are. This leaves them with no opportunity to understand why the star rating is what it is, how many positive reviews there are, or even who posted it. This is the power of a first and only impression.

Google Places is another site that has an incredible amount of influence. With 800+ million users, it’s not unreasonable to be concerned about someone posting negatively about you. Unfortunately, there is no effective way to get Google to remove any false or misleading claims made about you, unless they contain spam or inappropriate language.

City Search is yet another independent review site that shows up prominently on Google. Along with Yelp and Google Places, it also uses a star rating that is generated by user reviews. Like all sites, the reviews are not validated, and there is no way to remove a malicious post.

Remove Rip Off Reports

Remove Rip Off Reports

It’s Not All Bad Is It?
Independent review can be an incredible tool to boost online reputation and draw people to your location. Just as people can judge you quickly by a lower star rating, a high rating could be a boon for you. However, once you become the victim of a slander campaign, it can become your worst nightmare. One defamatory comment brings down your rating and people may start questioning your ethics or business practices. Some of the businesses that have helped shared how they were plagued by these negative reviews in the past. Before coming to us they spent large amounts of time trying to contact the site owners and have these malicious reviews removed. All to no avail.

It’s important to understand that all consumer reviews sites are protect by the CDA act, which states that web-owners cannot be sued for content posted by others. This means that you have no legal recourse in removing libelous claims.

The Better Solution
The solution is not to waste your time trying to remove the libelous comments from each and every possible review site, but to get them removed from Google searches. The majority of people that are going to see any negative reviews are going to see them through a web-search. If you can control the search content, than your problem goes away. The only effective way to do this is to invest in professional reputation management. We at work with each client to develop a personalized solution that prevents both past and future negative results from having any harmful long term effects. By burying negative Yelp, Google Places, and City Search reviews into the recesses of Google, we can replace them with correct and accurate information. In doing so, we can assure that customers are armed with the correct information, and able to make well informed decisions.