Need help removing or flagging a harmful Craigslist ad? We can help!

Think about this, anyone with an internet connection can create a fake ad, with your name, phone number and address and post it

craigslist ad removal

Remove derogatory craigslist ads

for all of craigslist to see. Whether a 2012 Honda accord with 3k miles for $2,000 that you are supposedly selling or an explicit adult ad with your name and personal information. These destructive posts harm lives and your online internet reputation as the major search engines then pick up the ads and replicate them all over the internet.

What do you do? How do you delete these destructive craigslist ad?

Everyday here at we think we have seen and heard it all when it comes to online revenge, retaliation, blackmail, scams, extortion and online warfare. From to online revenge comes in many forms for our clients who find their names scattered on a myriad of hate, slander and derogatory sites. Many of our clients have a scorned lover, enemy or competitor who makes it their job to make our clients lives miserable by posting negative items about the on the internet to make their lives more difficult. Our job is to find the items and remove or suppress them which we are experts at.

Lately we have had an influx of calls, clients and emails who have been listed on a ad in a derogatory fashion meant to inflict harm. Some of the smear tactics we have seen have come by way of posting a persons name and phone number in a ‘For Sale’ ad for an item, car, gadget or other craigslist listing that will result in many calls being made to our clients phone number about an item for sale that they did not list.

Another form of craigslist revenge we have seen has been to post someones name, address and phone in the adult xxx section which obviously gets phone calls to our clients personal or family line and also this listing gets picked up in Google, Yahoo and Bing which can cause serious havoc on your online reputation when someone Googles your good name.

Imagine Googling your name ‘John Doe’ and in the first position in google for your name you see a craigslist ad for ‘John Doe from Yuma Arizona is looking for naughty adult fun, please call my personal line or visit me at – 123 home address, Yuma, Arizona.’ How would your Friends, family and employers know that you did not post this? They wont!

If you are being attacked on Craigslist our paid service can help, we will attempt to repeatedly flag the harmful item while suppressing and burying it online.

**Please note this paid service is for clients who are being slandered or smeared negatively online, this service is not for flagging, suppressing and removing competitors ads or simply ads you do  not agree with.