Did you receive a Customer Complaint Email from Dunn & BradstreetD&B?

    Subject:     FW : DNB Complaint – 5872239 (random string of numbers will vary)

DNB Complaint email virus

DNB Complaint email virus

Many of our clients have come to us asking for help in resolving Dun & Bradstreet complaints but they don’t know how to proceed in resolving the online complaint. We investigated only to find out the companies and individuals were being ‘spammed and spoofed’ by hackers.

If you have received an email with the subject line:  “DNB Complaint with a long string of numbers“, please note that this is the result of an outside party sending spam emails that are not authorized by Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp.  We highly suggest you do not open any attachments and any information regarding the status of your business credit report should be disregarded and delete the email immediately. If you click on the .zip attachment it will install malware/adware on your computer that can be quarantined or deleted by most any anti-virus program. We have also heard that some of the .zips contain keyloggers which are very dangerous.

The attached ZIP file has the name Case_7000418.zip and contains the 128 kB large file Case_07162013.exe (numbers in file naming may change).

The trojan is known as Trojan/Win32.Gen, UDS:DangerousObject.Multi.Generic, Malware.Packer.EPGen, Artemis!83F4A31A566A, Mal/Generic-S, W32/Kryptik.BDPK!tr and acts as a keylogger program that can capture all user keystrokes (including confidential details such username, password, credit card number, etc.)

As always, please be aware and careful online especially when double clicking attachments in your email. This is your business – your life – your online reputation at stake here. Everything could be compromised by one wrong click, and your entire life could be turned upside down in the blink of an eye. If you have any question please to hesitate to contact us directly using our contact form here.

Question: I received an email regarding a complaint against my company. What is this?

Answer:  We have received notice that an email has been sent to customers that mimics alerts that originate from the DandB alert address, alerts@dandb.com. If you receive a notice from alert@dnb.com regarding a Better Business Bureau complaint filed against your company, do not open the attachment and delete the email immediately. We are investigating the source of this email and will have an update as soon more information becomes available. We thank you for your patience and, if you would like further assistance, please contact one of our Credit Advisors by clicking on the “submit a request” tab from the menu bar above and fill out a request form.