Extortion, Negative SEO and hacking.


Negative SEO Hackers in Reputation Management

Many clients have been calling lately to notify us that they need our help….but that they also hired a firm to hack the site that their name is negatively posted on. Upon hearing this we did some research and found several companies who are offering hacking and negative SEO as a strategy or tactic to use as leverage to get their clients names removed from the websites.

More recently famed internet hackers ‘Anyonymous’ have targeted TheDirty.com and have successfully knocked it offline for several days and caused Nik Richies hosting company to drop him and his site causing them to scramble to look for a new host.

“We are number leaders in NEGATIVE SEO , we will let you and your family feel how is the ad feeling of googling their names and all the first 3 pages are only negative search results .   We will never stop , till you will remove the page we wil ask you to remove , that page mentioned you can keep on the website.” Message from Negative SEO firm to site admin

A group called Revenge on Google has been known to DDOS websites by using botnets in order to get their clients names removed in addition to SQL injection attacks and many other devious methods of hacking.

“Your site is under attack,” “You can send us $40K by Western Union and your site will be protected not just this weekend but for the next 12 months,” or, “If you choose not to pay…you will be under attack each weekend for the next 20 weeks, or until you close your doors.”

“Hello. If you want to continue having your site operational, you must pay us 10 000 rubles monthly. Attention! Starting as of DATE your site will be a subject to a DDoS attack. Your site will remain unavailable until you pay us. The first attack will involve 2,000 bots. If you contact the companies involved in the protection of DDoS-attacks and they begin to block our bots, we will increase the number of bots to 50 000, and the protection of 50 000 bots is very, very expensive.

There is a case also called GoogleCide in which a Reputation Management firm employed SQL injections to noindex or hide Rip Off Reports from the Major Search Engines.

“Progenex Managers Adam Stuart Zuckerman and Ryan Page negotiate contract with Rexxfield online reputation management Michael Roberts in attempt to commercialize injection source code. The code purportedly offered consumers negative report removal from Ripoff Report and Google online property Blogspot. Recent Fox News exclusive has also exposed a plan called “Googlecide” — a campaign designed to scare parents of children defamed online into purchasing the services offered by the new online reputation enterprise.”

As I type this article there are 3 known sites down from DDOS attacks at this very moment, TheDirty.com, RipOffReport and LiarsCheatersrUs.com. These 3 sites have one thing in common in that they allow anonymous reporting of people and businesses. Will these sites continue to get hacked in the latest wave of Reputation Management Hacking as a practive? Only time will tell.

We do not condone nor practice these techniques, we employ tried and true methods of search engine suppression with old fashion removals which in our opinion is always the best option.

Still want to read some more extortion emails and threats?

“I told you that if you try and f*** with us that your site will be down forever…. The excuse that you were in the hospital does not matter to me. So here are your choices: 1) You have until 4pm est today to send us our $40K. 2) You have until 4pm est Wednesday to send us $50K if you can not send the $40K today. 3) You do not pay and your site will be down for 4 days starting Thursday and it will cost you $75K to come back up Monday. 4) You do nothing and do not respond to this email within an hour and we will make sure you are down forever….”

“I would like to thank you for not keeping your end of the deal and making this upcoming weekend an enjoyable one for me.”  “I do not care how long I have to destroy your business and I will. You will learn the hard way that you do not make a deal and then f*** around with us…. Let the games begin.”

” I tried getting to your site today and I could not. I thought with all the money you spent defending our attacks you would not have these problems anymore. I guess you wasted your money instead of keeping your word. Good luck. P.S. I bet you feel real stupid that you did not keep your word. I figure by now you have lost 5 times what we asked and by the end of the year your decision will cost you more than 20 times what we asked.”