Remove My Name from Health Providers and Health and Medical related sites

There are many sites in the Health and Medical industry that will scrape and harvest public information about you, your career in the industry,

Health and Medical Personal information Removal

your profession and your personal info and post it on the web for all to see. Not only will these sites posts your name and position but they will post your home address, personal phone number and date of birth on their health website database.

The good news is we can remove your information from 95% of these websites.

Sites like will harvest your information and display it in their database therfore exposing you and your personal information to the masses, this is one of many health harvesting sites that are popping up. If you have found your personal information on a medical or health provider site we can remove it for you for a small one time fee and also set you up with free monitoring on your name that will notify you if and when this happens again.