How and Why to Remove Bad Reviews

remove city search reviews

Remove City Search Reviews

Owning a business is constantly an uphill battle, but one thing that can make that battle easier is to remove bad reviews. These are reviews that are negatively affecting your business whether you know about them or not. Any time anyone searches for your business, there is a chance that a bad review could come up, and while just having your business mentioned will increase your ranking in Google, it is still a negative connotation that will be associated with your business, and in this cut throat business world, it could be that one bad review that gives your competition a step up over you.


Take the Time to Remove a Bad Review

Removing bad reviews is a tedious process. Your first step is to find the bad reviews in order to remove them. You can do this by Googling your business, but if this doesn’t work as well, then start going through all the major sites that contain user generated reviews like: Yahoo, Google, Ask, Bing, Yelp and more.  Some are specific to location, so be sure to check your local online business listings.


Consider Hiring Professionals

After you have found a bad review you wish to remove, you must then contact the person who added it and persuade them to change the review. You can do this in a variety of ways.  However, as with many difficult tasks, one of the best strategies is to use a professional. has a team of experts ready to remove bad reviews and turn them into glowing recommendations to help drive more costumers to your business.

consumer advocacy sites

Consumer Advocacy Sites


While you could try to do all of the steps on your own, you may struggle with knowing how to do it properly. You wouldn’t hire a janitor to do your taxes, and you shouldn’t try to handle doing something this precise all on your own. You get what you pay for in business, and in this regard, you are paying to have all of your negative articles turn into glowing reviews to bring your business to the next level.


Invest in a Positive Business Image

While it might seem underhanded to convince people to change reviews, it is an important business tactic. On the other hand, you do not want to change all reviews to glowing recommendations. Too many positive recommendations and it may look forced and bought. So stick with removing the lowest reviews, or get them to change their opinion just a little. Over all, this will increase business, because people will be able to look and see a well-balanced list of reviews tipped in your favor.


In addition to keeping reviews positive, you must always keep word of mouth positive because having one person passionate enough about your business to drag their friends to it is even better than having one person write one review. With word of mouth started, other people will be inclined to agree that your business is better than the local competition. From word of mouth also comes the ability to change reviews, if a friend had a bad time and wrote a bad review but is forced to go along with their friend, they may have a better time because of it and will realize they just had bad luck the first time.  Hopefully, this will convince them to change their review into a positive one to better reflect the fun they had with their friend.

Remove Posts and Complaints from

Remove Posts and Complaints from


Overall the ability to remove a bad review is an incredibly important and useful strategy to have in your arsenal. It allows you to bend people’s perceptions of your business before they ever even visit it. While changing reviews might be difficult, taking the time to push your online reputation toward the positive or to pay an expert to do it, is certainly worth it.