How Old News Paper Articles Can Affect Your Business

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With this being the technology age, nothing is saved in just black and white paper anymore, so there will always be digital copies of news papers articles, which makes it all the more important to remove a newspaper article that puts your business in a bad light. This can be an incredibly difficult feat to try and accomplish on your own. That’s why you may need to hire an affordable reputation management firm. is a longstanding company that has had the best interests of businesses at heart for years. They have an experienced team of professionals that can do everything from assisting with negative business reviews to newspaper articles.


What’s Wrong with Old Articles?

When there are old news articles on the web that contain negative information regarding your company, they can be both harmful to businesses.  While good articles are great and you’ll want them to remain online and in the forefront as long as possible, bad ones can damage your reputation over and over again as new customers find them. The key is to analyze all of them and figure out which are positive and which are negative. An old article can negatively affect a business every time someone Googles that business and reads about how that business did something wrong several years ago. In some cases, people just don’t read the date and assume its recent, so they avoid that business.  In reality though, that business may have changed hands or changed their act in recent years.  What’s worse is the rumor mill that gets started from just one article.  One friend tells another, and before you know it the web is brimming with an old story that is now being rehashed.  In a situation like that, there is nothing you can do.  Each person is acting honestly on the information they have to work with- even if that information is out of date.


Removing Articles Isn’t Easy

There is no easy way to remove a newspaper article yourself.  In some cases, lawyers actually need to get involved, while in others it’s a simple process of convincing the right newspaper editor. Finding out who has control over the digital copy of the article can take hours of research alone. Then, webmaster of the site has to be contacted, the editor in chief needs to be talked to, and in a lot of cases, an entire rundown of newspaper policy needs to be discussed to make sure they are not violating any rules. This process can be lengthy due to the bureaucracy of large businesses where everything needs to be checked and double-checked eight times before anything can be done.


Unless it’s Libel, You Could be Out of Luck

If you end up waiting and nothing happens with the old article, you might want to take the newspaper to court.  Of course, you will only be able to do this if you can prove their article included libel.  In libel cases, newspaper do have to expunge articles and sometimes even publicly announce their error in order to clear someone’s good name.  If the article they wrote about the company was true though, it will take a lot of convincing to get them to remove it.  You may have better luck with inviting them to see the new personality or managers of the business, so they can write an article about how much it has changed.


Removing One Newspaper Article isn’t Enough

With all newspapers being converted to digital media, it makes it difficult to remove libel from every place it may now reside. Many news sites use each other as resources.  That means if one newspaper ran your story, it’s likely many others did as well.  In other words, if someone sullied your good name years ago or if your company was wrongly accused of laundering money, there won’t be just one ugly black mark on your record, but many.


This is why companies like Remove My Name can be so valuable for businesses of all kinds.  Whether they are meant to build up your positive credibility, remove a newspaper article that was negative, or clean out bad reviews, they can make sure your company looks right in the eyes of customers once again.  Once those black marks are removed, you can continue your business with a completely clean slate and feel rest assured that for the rest of your operating history, a company like Remove My Name has your back.