Google’s Auto Suggestion

fix google autosuggest

How to fix google auto suggest

No one can deny the quality and level of functionality that Google has brought to the internet. Their attention to detail and internet experience is impressive and convenient. However sometimes these things can backfire and cause problems for businesses and individuals. Google Auto Suggestion is one of them.

In theory, it’s a fantastic tool that anticipates what you might want to search for, by serving up links before you even finish typing. The suggestions are generally based on popularity (what people are clicking) and not necessarily what you are looking for. For example, you may want to search “How can I boost my net reputation”, but before you are done, the options for “How can I lose weight?” come up instead. Your curiosity takes over, and you click on the weight loss link- thus making it more popular and more likely to be auto-suggested in the future. Here’s where the problem lies.

When Good Ideas Turn Bad
Let’s say a potential customer or supporter is doing a search for your name or product, and before they can even finish typing it, they see results for “your name/product is the worst ever”, or “don’t trust your name/product”. Obviously this is going to have a detrimental effect on the way they view you or your product.  Unfortunately, it’s all based on an arbitrary system of what people are clicking because they saw someone else clicked it.

Another problem arises in that most people assume that what is at the top of the Auto Suggest is what people are thinking. So if they see something negative, they assume that it’s based on truth. However, this is as far from true as possible. What is actually happening is that people are clicking on something out of curiosity and causing a viral effect. In other words your brand is negatively trending.

Fixing Auto Suggestion Problems
We at work very close with our clients to choose from 2 – 4 positive keywords that you would like to show up when people begin to type in your name or product within the google search engine. We are able to remove negative or unwanted suggestions and replace them with the more positive terms decided upon in time .


Before AutoSuggest :  “(Acme Soap Corp) is a terrible product!”
After AutoSuggest: “(Acme Soap Corp) is a solid brand”

Before AutoSuggest:  “(Jims Locksmith) is a waste of money”
After AutoSuggest: “(Jims Locksmith) is a good choice”


In most cases, you will find that these negative suggestions are a result of one digital bit of bad content that is wreaking havoc on the auto-suggest. Typically this happens when webmasters are trying to generate traffic to their site and are able to create enough interest in the negative article, that it begins trending, and google begins suggesting.
The good news is that we know how to reverse those trends and actually use them to our advantage.


Reversing the Trend

In conjunction with our reputation management program  we can actively target the negative search term and suppress it from Google searches. How it works is by controlling the content that is displayed when people do a Google search. Most people don’t surf past the first page of Google. This means that anything that can be pushed down to page five and lower is practically non-existent as far as consumers are concerned. With your Auto Suggest, or Auto Correct problem, we can make it so that even if someone did click on a negative auto-suggestion, the only links available would be positive ones. Links based on content written for and controlled by you.

With a balance of reputation management and our AutoSuggest, we can repair your reputation and host a protective campaign to keep this from happening again. This includes our continually monitoring Auto Suggest terms and recently published content.