In our current digital age, business reviews and complaint reporting websites such as the play a very important role when it comes to business dealings. These web 2.0 websites allow customers to review and rate the services they received from businesses, while also giving them a chance to report businesses that provide poor services or those that are involved in unethical practices. However, despite the legitimate purpose played by these websites, they are vulnerable to abuse by some individuals, who use them to conduct smear campaigns by posting false information.
About is an online platform that seeks to provide consumers with reports about the services provided by various businesses. It acts as a business complaints bureau, where customers can report businesses that engage in unethicalScreenshot (1269) practices. is a user-generated content website, which relies on the information provided by users to publish its posts.

Problematic issues with

While was founded for a legitimate purpose, the website has a number of issues, which creates loopholes that can be exploited by individual to defame other people or businesses. These issues include:

1) It relies on user-generated content

One of the problems with is that it relies on user-generated content to publish their posts. While this allows users to report their best version of the story, it also means that the information is highly unreliable. Some users can also use the website to post false information about businesses, which can ruin the reputation of the said businesses and cause them serious problems.

2) Users are allowed to post anonymouslyjustice

Another issue with is that users post their complaints anonymously. This can be exploited by some people to post false and derogatory information, since the anonymous posting protects their identity and provides them with some form of protection against any consequences that may arise. In addition, anonymous posting denies the affected businesses and people a chance to effectively defend their reputation, as it is almost impossible to defend claims raised by an anonymous person.

3) It does not verify the accuracy of the information posted

While relies on user-generated content, it does not verify the accuracy of the information provided by their users. This means that users can post false information about legitimate businesses and still get away with it. In addition, the website does not exercise any editorial authority over the posts. Therefore, whatever is posted by the users ends up being published, regardless of how inaccurate, defamatory, or derogatory it might be.

4) It has a very problematic removal policy

The main problem with is their removal policy. The website exercises a removal policy that ensures only the posts that go against the terms of service can be removed. This means that users who want to conduct smear campaigns against legitimate businesses can get away with online defamation by simply adhering to the website’s terms of service.

In their removal policy, advises businesses that they only way they can defend their reputation is by refuting the allegations they are accused of by posting a rebuttal on the comment sections of the posts.

In addition, the website claims it can contact the original author of the posts and ask them to provide evidence supporting their information you make a complaint about a false post. However, this also proves to be problematic, as administration fees are involved, and the posts can always go up in the future, even after it is removed if the author provides any form of evidence. It is also possible for the original author of the post to simply create another post after it has been taken down.

Why should you have a false post removed from

Nowadays, most people rely on online sources to determine the reputation of a business before they engage in any dealings with them. Having a false post about your business on can therefore prove problematic, as it can destroy the reputation of your business. This can lead to loss of customers and a decrease in referrals, which can ultimately lead to the failure of your business.

Removing a false post from

If someone has posted false information about your business on, you should have it removed immediately before it causes any further damage. A complete removal from can be achieved by hiring, an online reputation management company that helps its clients to remove false information posted on various online sources.

Why should you choose

– It offers complete removal of the false information, which include posts, pictures and comments
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