In the past few years, online business has expanded to a whole new level, allowing consumers to buy almost any type of goods and services online. However, this growth has also led to the an increase in unscrupulous sellers who either con customers or sell them unreliable services and goods. As a result, most customers are now reviewing and rating their e-commerce experience after buying goods or services. A new trend is also emerging, where consumers can use user-generated websites to review and rate the services provided by online businesses. An example of such a website is

About Rate-My-Agent.comScreenshot (910) is a Canadian based review website that allows consumers to review and rate real estate agents, insurance brokers and mortgage brokers. The websites have a list of agent profiles, where users can provide a review and rating for services received. People wishing to hire a real estate agent, mortgage broker, or insurance broker can also use the website to compare the services of different agents.

In addition to providing review and ratings for Canadian agents, also allows users from USA, Australia and other cities in the world to post reviews.

The problem with is a great website that serves a legitimate purpose, a and it does a great job of connecting consumers with reliable agents. The review and rating system used by the website can help users to identify agents who they can rely on, and avoid ones that are likely to let them down. However, has a number of shortcomings, which some people exploit and use to defame others.

To start with, the website allows users to create an agent profile, post information about that agent and then review and rate them. While this might be a great if you are a reputable agent, it can also be a great problem for your professional reputation. People are very emotional when it comes to money and selling their homes, and a client who feels wronged might use the website to give you a very negative review or rating, even when it is not justified.

Another problem presented by is that it does not regulate who can rate an agent. Any person accessing the site can review and rate the agents listed on the website without even having to register (the website only requires you to provide a name an an email). Anyone with a personal vendetta against you can therefore access the website and write a false and negative review about you using a fake name and email address. Competitors can also take advantage of this to tarnish your reputation.

Another shortcoming of is that potential clients will believe what they read in the reviews found on the website. According to a recent study conducted on consumer behaviors, 92% of consumers read online reviews before buying goods and service. Approximately 60% of the consumers will also make a decision based on rating, while about 30% of the consumers will believe the comments made on the reviews section to be authentic. Considering that is an authority review website, having someone post inaccurate information about you can thus have a significant negative impact on your professional life.

How to remove false reviews from

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