How to Remove Your Name from

written by: Jake Lawson

When it comes to dating, defamation is not a new thing. People have been making false and hurtful allegations about other people as a way of getting back at them for failed relationships or dates. However, spreading these lies and rumors has become much easier with the revolution of the internet, especially with websites such as is an open forum website, which claims to help people stay safe while dating by allowing users to post complaints about people they have dated before. According to the website, these posts and comments help users to avoid bad dates or relationships. However, is just a forum that allows, and to a certain extent, encourages people to post unfounded allegations about others.

For starters, the website does not verify the accuracy of the information posted. For a website that claimDating Complaints logos to help people, one would think they would encourage and ensure that the information posted is accurate, so that the users viewing it can make informed decisions. According to their About Us page, they categorically state that the posts are the opinion of the authors. People with malicious intent can therefore post false information about innocent people without any consequences on the website.

Another issue with the website is that the posts are anonymous. Anyone with access to a computer and an internet connection can therefore join the website and post unfounded accusation about someone else, without the victim of the intended post receiving the benefit of the doubt. Anonymous posting also makes it nearly impossible for the victims to confront their accusers, since they hide behind the veil of anonymity. also take somewhat an aggressive stand against anyone seeking to have their information removed from the site. On their website, they have stated that people should not “bother them” or their content providers, but only deal with the person who posted the information. This is nearly impossible considering they allow anonymous posting.

In addition to making it almost impossible for victims to have their information removed from the website, they also threaten to have anyone threatening to take action against them or contacting their service providers about abuse of service discussed openly by the site audience. They have clearly stated that there are many web hosting companies they can use, and thus it is impossible for the website to be taken down. Such a bold statement on their website seems to encourage users to post information with impunity.

Another problem with websites such as is that they hide behind the First Amendment rights, and other acts such as the Communications Decency Act, which shield interactive computer service providers from prosecution as a result of content published through their forums. This makes it nearly impossible to seek legal redress, even if the information posted is false.

Why should you remove your name from 

1) The information is visible to anyone posts are visible to anyone connected to the internet. If your name is in one of the post, anyone searching for information about you will definitely come across it.

2) It can damage your personal reputation 

The information posted on the website can greatly ruin your reputation. Most of the users who post on the websites are people with a personal vendetta against the victims of their intended posts; most of them are either jilted persons or exes, and thus tend to say very nasty things in their posts.

Having that information out there for anyone to see can therefore ruin your reputation among friends, family and colleagues. It can also make you miss on important personal and professional relationships that would have otherwise worked out.

3) It can ruin your professional life 

Another reason why you should remove your name from is that it has the potential to ruin your personal life. You can easily get fired from your job if your employer comes across negative information about you on the internet.

How to remove your name from 

If you are facing defamation from websites such as, you do not have to suffer in silence. is an online reputation management services provider, and they can help you remove your name and information from the website. They also help to prevent the derogatory from appearing on search engine results when some searches your name on sites like Google, Bing and Yahoo. provides victims of online defamation with an easy and fast process of taking down negative information about them. Instead of trying to have your information from the website by yourself, simply contact for a full removal.