How to Remove Your Name from

written by: Jake Lawson

User generated content websites have gained a lot of popularity in the past few years. These websites are used for many purposes such as reporting crimes, informing people on how to avoid troublesome situations, and in the case of, helping users avoid the so called deadbeat people.

What problems does pose? deadbeat directory prides itself as an open forum that serves the public interest by allowing users to post information about alleged deadbeat people so as to help other users avoid them. However, the website is only a platform where users post unfounded and unverified claims against other people. Most of the things contained in these posts are far from the truth, and they usually contain slanderous and derogatory comments.

Posting on is also anonymous. Therefore, anyone with a malicious intent can post unfounded claims about someone else and get away with it. In addition, the victims of such claims are not given a chance to object to the posting or tell their side of the story. By the time most people find their names have been included in the, the damage to their reputation has already been done.

Another problem with is that it relies on user generated content, which is highly unreliable. In their “About US” section, the website even acknowledges that the posts and comments may contain inaccurate information as they are mainly based on rumors, claims, assumptions and opinion of the users.

The website further claims that users are solely responsible for the information they post, and they are not under any obligation to monitor the content. This creates a loophole where the users can abuse the website with impunity, at the expense of the victims of the intended post.

Why should you remove your name from

Information contained on can cause a lot of harm in many ways. For starters, it can be viewed by anyone, including family, friends, colleagues, employers, employees, and so on. Even if the information posted is false, having these people hear negative and derogatory things about you can be very embarrassing. deabeat directory 2 also uses search engine optimization to increase the search engine rankings of their profiles. If your name is included in the website, the first thing anyone will come across when they google your name is the profile. On top of it all, such profiles have the capability to go viral thanks to social media sites. This has the potential to really damage your reputation.

Having your name on the website can also pose a great threat to your source of livelihood. People have lost jobs, failed to get hired, or experience loss customers due to unfounded and inaccurate information posted on the website.

How to remove your name:

Negative information posted about you on can ruin both your personal and professional life. You should therefore seek a way of removing your name from the site as soon as possible. One of the simplest and most effective ways of removing your name from the website is through the use of

As the name suggests, is a reputation management company that helps people remove their names from online posts that contain negative information about them. The company can help you to remove your name from by using legal arbitration methods in order to get the derogatory information removed.

In situations where name removal is not possible, helps to rebuild your reputation by suppressing the information and burying it deep within the search engines. This makes it hard for anyone searching your name online to come across the negative posts.

With, you can also rest easy knowing your reputation is safe. After removing or suppressing negative comments, the company continually monitors for negative posts about you to make sure that your reputation is not attacked again in the future.


With websites such as, anyone with a personal vendetta against you can post unfounded and slanderous information about you, which is capable of ruining your life. helps you to remove your name from the website in the shortest time possible, which ensures that your reputation is not damaged beyond repair.