Breakups are a common in relationships and when they do occur, they tend to leave one or both parties feeling betrayed. A few years ago, the aggrieved party could take solace by voicing out their anger of the failed relationship to family and close friends. However, the emergence of user-generated content website has provided a forum where people who feel betrayed in a relationship can share their stories and experiences, which can then be seen by anyone with access to a computer and internet connection. A good example of a website that offers such services is


ReportmyeScreenshot (959) allows people to post information about their exes when their relationships fail due to cheating. According to their “About” section, the website is a forum where people who have been screwed over by their cheating exes can gain closure and revenge by telling their side of the story. claims that the public posting of information about cheaters helps to inform the public about their behaviors, ensuring that they do not hurt other people. In addition, the public humiliation acts as a deterrence of future cheating.

Why is it a problem for your name to be on

1) It allows anyone to post information without verifying the accuracy may have been created for a legitimate purpose; help people to avoid cheating partners. However, there are several issues with the website that creates problems for anyone whose information is posted. To start with, the website does not verify the accuracy of the information that is posted by users. In addition, the authors of the posts are anonymous. This creates a loophole, which can be exploited by anyone with a grudge to post inaccurate information about you, and then hide behind the cloak of online anonymity.

2) Information posted can be viewed by anyone also encourages people to post details such as names, pictures and location details (city of residence) of the “cheaters”, making it easy to identify them. The posts are also optimized to ensure they receive high rankings in the search engines. The information posted there can therefore be seen by anyone who searches your name on search engines. This can include your family, friends, colleagues, or even prospective employers when they are conducting a background check on you.

3) Complex removal process

Another issue with is the complex nature of the removal process. The website’s intention is for all the posts to stay on the site “once a post is up, it stays up.” And while offers various avenues for removal – by obtaining a court order or the author of the post requesting for its removal – the processes involved in each scenario are very long and complex.

4) The information can ruin your life

As already mentioned, the information posted on can be seen by anyone who visits the website, or searches your name in the search engines. In addition to this, people viewing this information can inform others about its presence, or even share it on social media forums, taking viral.

The consequences of having such negative information about you on the internet (which for the most part is not true), can be very dire. Several people have lost their jobs or missed out on great employment opportunities as a result of appearing on cheaters websites such as Having your information appear on a cheaters website can also cause you to lose the respect of your family, friends and colleagues.

How to remove your name from 

Online defamation can destroy your personal and professional life. If an ex has posted your information on, you should find a way of immediately removing the information before your reputation is tarnished beyond repair. is an online reputation management that specializes in removing defamatory information from cheaters websites such a

The company guarantees full removal of negative information from both the source website, in this case, as well as from the search engine results. This is achieved by use of legal means, as well as as implementation of positive SEO strategies that are designed to rebuild your online reputation. In addition to information removal, also offers monitoring services, which helps to detect and deal with future smear campaigns from malicious people posting false information about you.

If you have any information you would like taken down from, simply contact the company through their website