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The current digital world we are living in has seen the rise of several user-generated content websites, which are ready to use someone’s tainted pasts and mistakes just to get more traffic. These websites also go as far as allowing people to post false information about other individuals, which can cause a serious damage to their reputation. The increased traffic received due to posting false information about people enables these websites to earn money by selling adverts. A good example of such a platform is

Screenshot (1194) is one of the most controversial user-generated content based websites, which allows users to post “dirt” on other people. This includes gossip, rumors, opinions, and speculations. In some cases, users even post compromising photos and videos of other individuals. then takes the posted information and makes use of the power of web 2.0 networking and social media platforms to take the content viral. In addition, it employs search engine optimization techniques to increase the ranking and visibility of the posts on search engines.

If your name is posted on the site, your online reputation can be severely damaged, as the defamatory post will appear when someone searches for you on search engines. These posts can be seen by people like close friends, family members, colleagues, employers, and potential employers, which can ruin both your personal and professional life.

Another problem with is in how they handle the way people post information. To start with, anyone can post information about you, and to make matters worse, the posts are anonymous. Anyone with a grudge against you can therefore hide behind the cloak of anonymity to post false information about you, knowing that it will be almost impossible for you to identify them.

Secondly, does not verify the accuracy of the information posted. In their FAQ section, the website has categorically stated that they are not the “truth police”, and it is not their job to verify whether the information posted is true. This means that a user can post false information, and they will still publish it.

Removing your name from 

When negative information about you is posted on, there are several options you can take to have it removed. The option most people take is to contact the website administrator to complain about false posts. However, this usually does not work, as the website is reluctant to take down anything without a court order. Besides, they hide behind the First Amendment Act and other laws such as the Communications Decency Act, and claim that they are not responsible for the actions of the internet users.

Another option would be to seek legal recourse. However, you will soon find out that thiScreenshot (1195)s option presents a number of challenges. To start with, the posts are anonymous and thus you will have a hard time the author of the post if you do not know who they are. If you chose to sue the website instead, you are also likely to end up being disappointed. uses the Communications Decency Act to shield itself from responsibility, even in cases where they have acted with malice and negligence. A good example is the case of Sarah Jones vs. Dirty World, LLC, where a decision by a federal Judge to award Jones compensation for damages incurred due to false posts was overturned by an appeal court. This is despite a jury having found acted with malice and reckless disregard when publishing false posts regarding Jones.

Despite all these challenges, it is possible to successfully remove your name and post from This can be achieved by hiring an online reputation management firm that will help to take the defamatory posts down and work towards repairing your reputation. A good example of a reputation management company is

About is an online reputation management firm, which specializes in removal of defamatory posts, photos and videos from and other similar websites. Based in Baltimore, Maryland, is a successful company that has helped hundreds of clients to remove false posts from various online directories. In addition to removing defamatory posts, the company can also help to repair your reputation by using a variety of positive SEO techniques.


Having your online reputation tarnished by information you know is false can be quite devastating. However, you do not have to suffer in silence when someone is conducting smear campaigns against you. offers you a simple, fast, effective and affordable way of dealing with online defamation.