How to handle a reputation attack or smear campaign

Its 9pm and your enjoying a nice adult beverage by the fire and the mood strikes you to ‘Google’ your name. You type in your first

internet reputation

Surviving an internet reputation attack

and last name into Google and hit the search button. When the results appear before your eyes a deep sinking feeling hits your stomach as you see the #1 position in google is a negative, derogatory item. It could be a mugshot you forgot about from years ago, a malicious cheater post about you from a scorned ex lover or even an article that was written about you, your family or your business in a negative light.

After the nausea subsides you might then be inclined to reply, comment or add feedback to the item. Thats where you make the negative item even worse. STOP RIGHT THERE!

Dont add more fuel to the fire by commenting on the post. By you adding your comment you are giving this negative item a ‘Thumbs up’ in googles eyes. We also suggest as hard as it might be to NOT click on and view the negative items. When the Google Spider (a spider is like a vote collector to determine popularity) comes to visit your unique derogatory item it will see several unique IP hits/clicks and it will see a recent comment which tells Google ‘This is a popular item, its getting hits, traffic and even recent comments, lets keep this atop the search engine ranks as it has several popularity indicators.

Remove negative review

Remove negative review

We know this is true because in our experience and work we have managed to bury old articles, posts and pages deep within the web only to have them pop back up near the top when a new comment or surge of traffic appears to the content. An example of this would be client John Doe contacts us about a negative article on his business from several months ago, we begin a suppression campaign to bury the content and it goes from page 1 to page 3 within a couple months. The negative content is currently on google page 6 and then we see it jump to page 2 in google. We inspect the negative property and see 2 new comments to the article and the hit counter on the page shows 200 new hits, this has caused the item to jump drastically in the engines. We have seen this time and time again and in googles eyes the negative content now is more popular and not dormant so it deserves to be back near the top.

We believe this 1 simple tip will help keep your negative at bay however this alone will not make it disappear but it certainly will not keep it at the top of your search engine ranks. If your item is not moving from the number one, two or three spot there are reasons for that and we know why. Give us a call and we can explain in a commitment free conversation with you.