Cyberbully is served….defamation papers that is.

All day here at the headquarters we deal with clients who in one shape or another have been been involved in an online bully attempt. We also have seen our fair share of responses and rebuttals but this this latest one here by Cheaterville and Bullyville owner James McGibney takes the cake. Take a read and keep an eye peeled to see what can happen to bullies and how internet defamation suits can and will play out. Here is the post and most of the information in the post will paint the picture.


Every day, both kids and adults experience online bullying.  Awareness may be up, but unfortunately so are the incidents of harassment.  How many more tortured young kids will choose to take their own lives, rather than face the insecure bullies who get pleasure from ruining theirs?

Hunter Moore from the now defunct is probably one of the Internet’s most notorious offenders.  Hunter is a self-admitted bully with a long history of outrageous behavior. On ABC Nightline, he proclaimed to be a “professional life ruin-er.”  And lets not forget about his comment to Gawker during an interview, and I quote,  “I’m gonna sound like the most evil motherf***er-let’s be real for a second: If somebody killed themselves over being on the site do you know how much money I’d make? At the end of the day, I do not want anybody to hurt themselves. But if they do? Thank you for the money.”

Back in April of this year, I convinced Hunter to shut down his now infamous “” revenge porn website for a nominal fee.  Hunter was so convincing that he was going to turn over a new leaf and be an advocate against bullying, especially underage bullying.  Within 72 hours of that transaction being complete, Hunter was on Twitter cyber bullying kids worse than ever before.  Telling kids that they should “kill themselves” using vulgar, racist language and advocating more violence and revenge.

I should have known that his attention would eventually turn to me.  And turn it did.  Moore, starved for attention, went on an online rampage accusing me (amongst other things) of being a pedophile.   I was with my wife and two baby boys when his defamatory tweets came through.  I shudder to think what the Marine in me might have done if Hunter was standing right in front of me.   But you know what, that’s not the right answer; violence is a weak medicine when fighting a bully like Hunter Moore.   I took the high road and didn’t even bother to respond.   Instead of making an anger fueled decision, I studied Moore.  Once I looked for his weaknesses, they were easy to find.

Moore’s world revolves around his Twitter account.  It was horrifying to see how many of his followers retweeted his defamatory comments with even nastier ones.  And then came the straw that broke the camel’s back.  As if accusing me of pedophilia wasn’t bad enough, Hunter Moore threatened to rape my wife.   He is now being served with a defamation lawsuit and has restraining orders filed against him in two States. He can add this to his ever growing criminal record. Anyone who retweeted Hunter’s pedophile comments and added their own can also expect to be served with a defamation lawsuit.   ”Internet Tough Guys” are also legally accountable for their actions.  Hunter and some of his followers now realize this, along with their parents since most of his followers appear to be under the age of 18.   You would think that Hunter would have learned his lesson about receiving naked photos of possibly underage girls on his Twitter account or via email after the FBI raided his house (actually his parents’ house since he still lives at home) but apparently not.

Here at BullyVille, we’ve decided to turn this darkness into light.  We’ll soon be launching a brand new site for that not only shows the history and eventual dismantling of this disturbing website, but also brings valuable information to people who have been wronged by similar behavior.  We are also putting together a class action lawsuit against Hunter, on behalf of all the victims from Isanyoneup or any other social media that he used to directly harass and intimidate people.  We’re doing this mostly for the completely powerless, underage women who were verbally harassed after Hunter posted their completely naked, unedited photos on his site.

Hunter Moore pissed me off long before he came after me, because he picked on those who he thought couldn’t fight back.  I tried to use positivity to stop that, and I actually (naively) thought it worked.  Now that he’s crossed the line with his personal attacks on me and my family, there’s no turning back.  I once believed that a stint in the military might be a good option to get Hunter back on track, but unfortunately, he became ineligible after his recent arrest for head butting a woman in a nightclub in New York.   And that sums up what kind of bully he is.  He preys on those who he perceives as weak, but this time he’s not getting away with it.

Do I have your undivided attention Hunter?  Do you clearly understand what is happening to you right now?  I’m standing up to a bully, and that bully is you. I’m reclaiming the innocence you so recklessly stole from these innocent young girls whose lives you’ve destroyed.  I’m really looking forward to seeing you in court as are some of the underage girls who you’ve publicly tormented.  All of the money that we win from these multiple lawsuits against you will be donated to battered women’s shelters across the United States. Let this serve as a constant reminder to you that it’s never right, under any circumstance, to hit or disrespect a woman.

Now I realize that you don’t have any money, but after we win these judgments against you, any money you do earn in the future will go towards this charity.  So you just go right ahead and launch that new website that you keep telling everyone about.  Oh, and the only thing you have left– your beloved social media, that’s going away too.  Your Isanyoneup twitter account is going to be shut down shortly – and I’m 100% responsible for that.  You see Hunter, you’re violating the trademark that I now have in place for Isanyoneup.  You might want to go read the fine print of that contract you signed. Remember your lifetime ban from Facebook?  Well that also includes any other page you try to hide behind, including your current IAU2 Community page, say goodbye to that as well.  By the way Hunter, when you’re retweeting the completely nude photos of girls, are you verifying that each one of them is at least 18 years of age?  I didn’t think so; add that to your list of problems for today.  You might want to go familiarize yourself with California penal code 18 USC sect 2255.  And Hunter your tweet about “leaking emails” between the two of us during the acquisition of your website would be so welcomed.   Assuming you don’t create fake email interactions, which you’ve done in the past, you will be violating, yet again, the terms of the agreement which included a confidentiality clause.  Any rational person doesn’t believe a word that comes out of your mouth, including the amount you’re claiming to your “fans” and the media that your revenge porn website was purchased for. Once again Hunter you’re on the main stage.  Enjoy yet another 15 minutes of infamy, it will most likely be your last.  Karma is right around the corner anxiously awaiting your arrival.

P.S. This will be the last time I speak to you directly Hunter.  I’m sure you’re going to have some unbelievably intelligent public tweets/lies since you’re a literary genius.  Looking forward to you supplying additional evidence so the world can see for themselves just who you really are.  As Benjamin Disraeli once said, “courage is fire and bullying is smoke.”

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