Lying and cheating is a widespread behavior, which occurs in many relationship. This behavior tends to leave one or both parties in the relationship with a lot of anger, most of whom need a platform to lash out. In today’s digital world, this sort of platform is provided by cheater websites, where victims of cheating can express their anger and expose cheaters. An example of such a website is LiarsCheatersRUs.

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 1.25.13 PMWhat is LiarsCheatersRUs?

LiarsCheatersRUs is a cheater website, which provides a forum where victims of cheating can share their experience with the world. This is done by posting profile pictures of the cheaters and details on some of the bad things they did during the relationship. The site claims that by doing so, the victims can help other people avoid pathological liars.

In addition to exposing liars and cheaters, the website claims to offer support to people who have been lied to and cheated on. According to the website, victims of lying and cheating in a relationship can find other people in a similar situation and share their experiences. LiarsCheatersRUs also helps to offer closure to the victims by exposing the people who hurt them to the public.

LiarsCheatersRUs defamatory issues

There is no denying that LiarsCheatersRUs might be a helpful forum for the victims of lying and cheating in a relationship. However, the website has a number of issues, especially when it comes to online defamation. To start with, it appears to be more of a forum where people lash out, instead of helping others. Most of the users who post on the website expose a mix of negative emotions such as rage, misery, revenge, and others. There is therefore a high chance that the information posted on the website while experiencing these emotions is highly inaccurate.

In addition to this, LiarsCheatersRUs does not conduct any fact-checking with the information posted. This therefore creates an opportunity for people to conduct smear campaigns on their ex, or any other person they have a grudge against. This is made worse by the fact that users post anonymously, and thus they can post without fearing that the victims of their attacks will know who they are.

Why should you remove your name from LiarsCheatersRUs?

If your name has been posted on LiarsCheatersRUs, you should have it removed immediately. This is because it can lead to serious problems such as:

1) Giving you a bad reputation

Having your name posted on a cheater website like LiarsCheatersRUs can cause serious damage to your reputation. The posts on the website usually include a photo of the “cheater” and other identifying information such as their address. In addition, the posts are spread to a wide audience using social media and search engine optimization. A lot of people can therefore access information about you and judge you, whether that information is true or not.

2) Ruining your relationship with others

Another consequence of having your name on LiarsCheatersRUs is that it can cause a strain on the relationships you have with people. The information posted can be seen by other people such as your family and friends, which can embarrass you and cause them to lose the respect they had for you. In addition, the defamatory information posted on the website can destroy your marriage or romantic relationship when your partner judges you based on inaccurate information.

3) Ruining your career

Having your name posted on LiarsCheatersRUs can also ruin your professional relationship. The information posted here is available to your colleagues, employers, clients, and any other person who might become involved in your professional life. This can cause you to get fired, miss out on employment opportunities, or lose clients.

How to Remove Your Name from LiarsCheatersRUs

If your name has been posted on LiarsCheatersRUs, you should have it removed immediately. The best way of achieving this is by hiring an online reputation management company such as, which can help you remove the post and rebuild your reputation. is a reliable reputation management firm, which has helped several clients remove their name and information from LiarsCheatersRUs and other cheater websites. Remove Names offers a Money Back Guarantee on all removals. also offers reputation rebuilding services, which ensure that your online reputation is repaired within no time at all.


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