Your Perilous Place on the Web

Whenever something is posted online to any number of major sites, and to a very large number of little ones, Google immediately sees it and caches it into its memory to be pulled from and used for future internet searches. To a lesser extent, Yahoo and Bing do the same thing. Search engines do this because it takes a long time to search the Internet, but it takes a very short time to search their own database, so they store large portions of the entire Internet on their servers to lower search times as a value to their visitors. Since they do this, it means that Google is reading everything that gets posted to the Internet.

Removal from people search

Removal from people search


This means that if you create a website now, and then six months from now some small website mentions you in a blog, Google will read that, remember it, and use it to rank you higher when people search related key terms. This means that every little post can affect you, be it large or small. So any and every little thing people post is important to your website. It affects you in a huge way and is incredibly beneficial every single time. Even reviews that have a negative connotation still get your website closer to the front page of Google.


Using SEO for Positive Internet Reputation and Ranking

Letting this happen naturally is what you are supposed to do, however, there is an entire set of skills dedicated to making this happen within Google’s guidelines, it is called Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short.


Getting your business to the front page of Google can be the biggest step up your business can take. Billions of Google searches are done every day, and millions of people are on Google at any given moment. However, a large percentage of people never leave the first page, and only the smallest fraction of people get to page five. So being able to get your business to the front page of Google is an amazing feat. One step above that, is getting your website to the front page of Google when ANY of your related keywords are searched. This not only gives you a step up above the competition, but it ensures that if any of your competition wants to beat you the only way to do so is with a paid advertisement slot. This method has been also used by unscrupulous companies to hurt and negatively affect their competitors by using negative SEO tactics.


Negative Posts Hurt More than They Help

Unfortunately, if there are negative articles out there about you or your company, that can affect you too.  Whether someone casually mentioned something mean on Facebook or another person took the time a leave a nasty and lengthy review of your products or services, these will also contribute to your internet reputation as a whole.  Sometimes, you can track these culprits down, but other times, they use anonymous or fake names and you have no idea who is out there damaging your reputation.  It could be an ex, the competition, or simply someone who thinks it’s fun to play with the lives of other people because they don’t realize the true impact.  While your business just being named might help your search engine rankings, if it’s the negativity that they see, it won’t matter where you are on the list.


Online Reputation Management is Now More Crucial than Ever

Because the internet is so easily swayed, business are investing more and more in companies who can control their online internet reputation.  Whether they post positive articles, take down bad ones, or simply check on their online presence now then, their help can save a company both face and money. By reading reputation management reviews and seeing the results of a particular company is the best way to start your search for a company who will look out for your personal and businesses best interests online.

Wikipedia also has a great entry for Reputation Management that we suggest.