Cheaterville Removal Proof & Case Study

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cheaterville removal

Before Remove My Name Cheaterville Removal

To protect our client we have blurred out any relating information to him and the woman who put him up on the cheaterville website. The important thing to look at in this picture to the right is the unique identifier up top the “3199” number. That is the number cheaterville assigns its profiles so our client is “3199′ and we were hired to remove his profile completely. Not bury, not suppress but remove which as we say is always the best option.
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The client contacted us on June 22  and we immediately began the removal process for him, he made us aware that she might post again so we also began a mitigation suppression campaign to prevent against future retaliatory posts and attacks.

Q:We often get asked what happens if the person re posts again after the removal?

  • Once we win the case and we are awarded the removal we are allowed 2 complimentary retaliatory post removals which means you do not pay as we have our legal team notify the site that it is the same person re-posting the information on the case we already won. In our experience we have also noticed that once the author or creator of the post is made aware that a legal team is demanding proof to substantiate the post we have noticed that in some cases they get scared and remove themselves immediately or clam up and do not reply or re post in fear of litigation.

As you can see by the picture below it didn’t take long for us to win the case which results in the cheaterville profile and all information being fully removed. After the removal from the site on June 28th we then proceeded to stage 2 which is the removal of all the outdated information from the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

cheaterville removal

After our successful removal from Cheaterville

Once we obtain removals from the cheaterville website that does not mean your information is deleted from the search engines. In fact if we remove you on a Monday from Cheater Ville and on Tuesday someone googles your first and last name its possible that the cheater ville link will still be in google, yahoo and bing. This is because at one point in time the search engines came around to the site, saw your name and information on the website and took a snapshot and archived it within their search engines memory. When we remove your name and information they do not immediately know of this update for many months.

We have a proprietary method we use to notify and update the major search engines of this update/change and demand they update it on their end ASAP. We also hand write emails to the major search engines as well to let them know they are delivering their visitors a bad search engine result by still showing your name and information as being on the cheaterville site when in fact if they click that link they will simply be shown ‘Profile not Found’.

As of today July 3rd there is not a trace of identifiable information leading to the cheaterville post on behalf of our client, its as if it never happened. We would love to help you remove negative information from the internet, we do what we say and we are experts in this field as you can see by our above proof and case study. Let us help you, in as little as 7-10 days from today the post would be removed for good.

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