is proud to launch the customer rate and review module.

Reputation Safe review module

Reputation Safe review module

We are proud to announce the launch of our Reputation Safe consumer review module that will allow business owners the power to leverage their customers positive reviews directly to their 3rd party consumer advocacy sites. This module will act as a portal to allow each unique customer, from their home or office to leave positive feedback directly about the business to the review site easily.

In our experience getting positive reviews to stick to Yelp, Citysearch and the likes has been difficult if the reviews all came from the same office or location. Our module allows a diverse network of reviewers to leave the reviews from their location causing a much higher stick ration.

An example of how our solution would work:

A surgeon is having trouble with competitors leaving false and malicious reviews on their yelp and Google places accounts. The surgeon contacts and a Reputation Safe module is deployed on the website

Once deployed the surgeon has his staff send out an email to previous clients who they feel will leave their positive response online. Jane, one of Dr Smiths happy customers gets an email from the front desk of Dr Smiths office asking if they would share a positive review on Dr Smiths new module website. Jane, from her home goes to the website and clicks the Thumbs Up button and then can immediately click the links to Dr Smiths review sites directly, where positive feedback is left. The feedback sticks therefore raising Dr Smiths visibility and his positive vs negative review ratio.

Feel free to check out the Reputation Safe module today to see if your business could benefit from it.