Trust Seal approved for

We are proud to announce that Remove Names LLC was approved for the safe vendor-Blue-I3seal. We met the criteria of a safe, transparent and trustworthy reputation company.

Please see here –


Jake Lawson

PS: Does your current Reputation/Brand management firm meet these requirements? They should…


Reputation Safe List certificate and RSL directory inclusion criteria
1. Company Name or DBA Name *
2. Website URL*
3. Business Address *
4. Customer Service / Business Email Address *
5. Customer Service / Business Phone Number *
6. Email Policy including an option of “Opting Out”
7. Local BBB review
8. Corporation or business entity review
9. Validation of the SSL certificate if payment is requested on the site
10. Visible privacy policy related to the use of customer information
11. Domain registration details and Whois check
12. RSL integrity review – price disclosure, fair commerce practices etc..