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Cyrus Sullivan of

Guest Blogger -Jim Ransik

After allegedly contracting the herpes virus from a woman who he had sex with, Oregon native Cyrus Sullivan created a website which essentially, “outs,” those who have Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Following along the same premise as the anonymous cheater reporting sites, bully sites and many more these STD sites are now popping up like wildfire. He also operates a website called where you can anonymously report someone who you ‘believe’ may be or look like an illegal alien.

Cyrus Sullivan was arrested on June 8 2012. Below is some information we have gathered online about the case.
Cyrus Sullivan was in court Friday and charged with coercion, identity theft and felony computer crime.

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Investigators say 28-year-old Cyrus Sullivan threatened to kill a person he believed was speaking out against him online.
Sullivan owns and operates a controversial website called
The site allows people to report men or women they believe are carrying or possibly giving others STD’s.
Sullivan has been criticized for posting information he can’t verify.
Sullivan lives in southeast Portland.
Portland police arrested him Thursday night charging him with identity theft, coercion and computer crime.
According to court documents he told the victim to provide proof that the person wasn’t the one speaking out against him online or he would post what he would call that person’s STD report.
Then investigators say he demanded 10,000 dollars.
When the person didn’t pay, investigators say he threatened to kill that person.