Thank you for your online purchase, you will need to sign the “Authorization for Services” form next. This form will be emailed to you shortly and you will be able to electronically sign it. You will also need to email a copy of your Driver’s License to so we can verify your identity. Once we receive the form back signed and a copy of your driver’s license, we will begin working on your removal request immediately.Screenshot (984)

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If we need any further information from you we will contact you directly at the email address or phone you provided at check out.

All we need is the first, last name and the negative link to begin the removal/challenge process and most removals “Typically” take 7-14 days depending on the website and their terms. Please remember, the search engine removal is a Complimentary service we provide and takes a few days after the removal from the source site.

Thank you again and we appreciate your trust in us!

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