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Building a good reputation for yourself or your company can take years to build but destroying it can only take seconds. We believe that no one deserves to be a victim of internet slander. An online suppression campaign is the strategy where the goal is to outrank the negative online comment whether a post, reviews, slander and comments that can damage a personal or business reputation with positive content that we have created on your behalf. Positive content are the assets in which we create that are internet blogs, social networking profiles and much more.


Our company helps individuals and businesses with their online reputation management by making sure that search engine results will show more of the good points of the person or company (that we create on your behalf) while burying the negative content online. We strongly promote suppression to people who are victims of false accusations, slanderous comments and reviews, and negative feedback. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to protect their personal or brand names integrity by removing search results from slander or an honest mistake that will ruin years of hard work in building a good reputation.

What search engine suppression does is simply damage control and assists in not letting people be misguided by just one negative reviews or comments about a company or person. Unlike other internet reputation management companies, we always attempt a full removal first and if we cannot get a removal we will bury the bad search results while highlighting the good ones. By strategically outranking bad reviews, you could do some damage control and lower the chances of a review’s negative impact. If, for example, you can outrank a bad review with good reviews, there’s more chance of prospective customers seeing your 100 good reviews than the one bad one.

Many individuals and companies will enlist the help of a Reputation Management company to try to help them get rid of bad reviews or bad rep. While you can’t generally eliminate something from the search engine results pages, you can, potentially, bury those results so that there are results ahead of the negative online content. If people see both, they may still give you an

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opportunity — especially if they believe you take bad feedback seriously. Because the average searcher doesn’t search past the first page of Google results, we help you create optimized content that helps bad content slide off that highly visible first page of the major search engines such as google, yahoo and bing. This will offer people the chance to judge more evenly on their own and not be misjudged by an honest mistake, false accusations, slanderous comments, or damaging reviews written about them online.

If you have been the victim of an online attack let us attempt to remove the item and if we cannot we will bury it deep within the web. Give us a call for a free consultation or click here to get started online.