Below is a layman’s term description of how the RemoveNames team creates and performs the suppression and smoke screen solution. As for references for RemoveNames clients… we can not disclose that to anyone without consent. We respect the privacy of our clients and understand the sensitive nature of the negative information that they are looking to suppress. We have many high profile clients such as Celebrities, Athletes, and high ranking Executives.

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What We Do: We present the client with a detailed spreadsheet. This will help keep track of the mass creation of websites/properties/social networking profiles and blogs for you.

When you open this spreadsheet you will see your name on the left, the username and password for each site we created and the website. The idea behind this is that we create a mass amount of positive websites for our clients that in time will push down the negative search results. So if you have 4 negatives on the 1 of the 10 spots on Google’s homepage, in time our websites will begin to penetrate and push the negative information down.

We NEVER promise that in “X” days that you will see “X” movement or in “X” days that you will have the negative knocked off. That is of course a red flag of a company you should not be doing business with. Most of the time it will result in more damage to your personal reputation. Also, it could take up to 6 months to see results and suppression is never 100% Guaranteed.

Suppressing Negative Information

If you search your personal name or business name on the internet and find search results that damage your credibility and online reputation, you will want to hide and suppress these results in order to repair your image! To do this you have to take control of what people see when they search for you in Google or other search engines. It is very difficult to remove certain information from the Internet, so it’s important to suppress, hide, replace and take control of the search results. Remove Names can suppress the negative content and promoting your positives.


SuppressionHow do I Suppress Negative Information?

Search results are based on complex algorithms. The content that appears when you type in keywords show results based on what the search engine finds relevant. For example, bad business reviews, news articles and forums will show up when you search for your business on the Internet because its relevant to search engine’s ranking factors. We build a network of positive content for our clients that appeal more relevant, so it outranks and suppresses the negative information that you wish to hide.

Does Suppression Work?

Yes it does. It is a very effective way to repair and manage your Online Internet reputation. By suppressing and controlling search results you can display the content and search results that you want people too see. This is how Corporations and Big Brand Companies strengthen and develop the brand image.

Suppressing Bad Reviews 

The reason that bad reviews and customer complaints are display when you search for your business is because customer review websites are so powerful. If you look at websites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google, Facebook, Glass Door, ect… they have massive readership, thousands of external links, their reviews and posts are shared all over Social Media…

The website is a living, breathing ball of activity. Why wouldn’t it rank?

In many cases your website will rank in position #1 and then below it you will see the bad reviews. In order to repair your reputation online, you need to start thinking about how you can dominate page 1 with content that you control.

Business Reputation Management is the act of building a network of positive information that appeals to the ranking factors that the search engines like, and ensuring that they outperform these key areas. Obviously this is very difficult when competing with such powerful websites, but by concentrating on developing this network from the ground up and dominating as many algorithm factors, we can hide negative business reviews, complaints and bad press and thus repair a damaged reputation on the Internet.

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